The iPhone is blocked 47 years for having misplaced the PIN code

by Kelvin
The iPhone is blocked 47 years for having misplaced the PIN code

The iPhone is blocked 47 years for having misplaced the PIN code 3

Created as a security system in case someone steals our phone, since the time of Nokia 20 years ago the Entering a smartphone PIN code three times causes the terminal to lock. And the task of unlocking it is the least tedious, since you have to look for the phone case and write the very long PUK code. Brands like Apple they use a security system on their iPhone by which many The more times you miss a code, the longer the device lock lasts.

47 years with the iPhone locked

The same thing happened last year to a user of Apple in Shanghai, China, which left home and left the iPhone to his two-year-old son to watch educational videos as he counted Chinese medium online Kakanews. When the woman returned home and wanted to check if she had messages, she saw that the terminal had been deactivated for a total of 25 million minutes, which is something like 47 years. Almost 5 decades with the iPhone locked until 2065.


Why? Because the phone was locked while the child was using it, and it was dedicated topress the buttons again and again, constantly entering a wrong PIN which only added more time to deactivate the mobile phone. Lu, the woman's family name, came to wait for two months, but the problem is clearly not going to solve itself unless she acted. In fact, according to a technician from the Apple Shanghai Store, Lu has two options:

  • Wait for the stipulated period of 47 years
  • Delete all device content and reinstall the files using factory settings.

Locked for 80 years

This technician pointed out that the 47 years that Lu should wait for are not even the maximum term he has seen, since he has met iPhones blocked for an equivalent of up to 80 years by the telephone security method. The woman pointed out just when everything happened that “I could not wait 47 years to tell my grandson that his father was to blame. ”

The iPhone is blocked 47 years for having misplaced the PIN code 4

IPad screen locked by Osmos security

The most curious thing about this news is that it also generated an online debate in China between parents. Some complained that the woman should not have left her cell phone to a child so young that she was also alone. Others that should have made a backup of all the data I had on my mobile.

It is not an isolated case

In fact, as an example of what was said by the engineer of Apple we have the case of the writer in the prestigious newspaper New Yorker, Evan Osnos, It happened 4 months ago in April of this year: Osnos asked for help in Twitter why on his iPad Pro he got the message that he couldn't unlock it until after more than 25 million minutes (about 48 years). The reason? The device's own security had reacted to “a 3-year-old boy who tried to unlock it repeatedly. ”

The writer would not have access to his iPad until 2067 by normal methods, although the story ended when Osnos decided to restore the tablet at the risk of losing everything that had been downloaded and / or installed.

To the question of "What would you do?"It seems that there is only one viable answer: format it and restart and then restore taking advantage of the backup uploaded to iCloud – as long as you have the active cloud backup.

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