The iPhone of 2018 can also record in "multi-camera" with iOS 13, although with limitations

by Kelvin
The iPhone of 2018 can also record in "multi-camera" with iOS 13, although with limitations

One of the big stars of the keynote last week were the cameras of the new generation of iPhone. Apple He said that the iPhone was the only device with an ecosystem of more than 30,000 photographic apps. Among them, FiLMiC Pro, which allowed simultaneous recording with the four cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro. Now and as reported by 9to5Mac, the 2018 iPhone also they can make "multi-camera" recordings from iOS 13. As long as they use a compatible app.

FiLMiC Pro, a new way of telling stories

filmic pro


During the presentation of Apple, the company responsible for FiLMiC Pro had its time on stage. There they told us how their app was able to record video through different cameras that make up the iPhone 11 Pro (it will do so in a future update of its app). This new device has four lenses in total:

  • Three lenses at the rear: telephoto, wide angle and ultra wide angle.
  • A lens on the front: the one in charge of taking those slofies announced by Apple and now it does it in 4K quality.

Well, FiLMiC Pro is able to record the video of each of them. While everything is being recorded simultaneously, the user is able to approach each of the modes to know how it looks. This is very useful for recording interviews in which we want to show both the interviewee and the journalist, for example. Also to go showing different shots of a scene without having to re-record with a different camera.

Therefore, it is a very specific function of certain users and hence does not offer it Apple serial. Although the company showed it as if it were a novelty of the new iPhone 11 Pro, the truth is that It will also be compatible with the previous iPhone generation. Of course, with limitations.

Multi-camera mode compatible with iPhone XS and XR from iOS 13

According to 9to5Mac account, Apple introduced an API with iOS 13 which will allow developers to incorporate multi-camera recording in their apps.

Screenshot 2019 09 16 At 09 57 57 Image: 9to5Mac.

Thus, as reported by the company in one of its development sessions and as shown in the screenshot above as an example, the iPhone XS could support only two active cameras simultaneously (remember that you have three in total). We understand that in the case of the iPhone XR, having only two lenses but sharing a processor, there is no more limitation than its own hardware.

If recording video in 4K resolution already involves a significant load on the device, do so with several cameras at the same time it will be a significant effort. According to this API, the iPhone XS and XS Max would not be able to support the recording of three simultaneous cameras and would have to be limited to two of them.

As the weeks go by and developers are encouraged to adopt this function, we will know more details about the operation and results offered by these apps. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting improvement for the most creative and professional users.

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