The iPhone ruling that was not resolved in two years 1Although it is true that Android is news day and day also about new threats and vulnerabilities, the last one has had as protagonist the iPhone of Apple. The company presumes that its system is one of the safest in the world, but this time it will have to give explanations. It was the Google threat analysis group who detected how some pages They have been taking advantage of bugs present in the iPhone to extract user data. Apparently, the threat, which has been active for two years, has affected devices with iOS 10 and all current versions of iOS 12.

As the Google team points out in its report, the attackers have been benefiting from 14 security flaws to compromise the devices. Most (seven of them) have been found in Safari, the company's browser. Once they accessed the iPhone, hackers could have a lot of information, including GPS location data, private WhatsApp or Telegram conversations, camera images or Instagram or contacts from the phonebook. As they explain from Google, the information was transmitted to an external server every minute.

Apple She was informed of what happened and last February she released a patch to solve the problem. However, at that time nobody knew this issue and it was launched as a normal system update, specifically with version number 12.1.4. The company did not publicly say what was happening. It has taken us six months to know that behind that update to correct common errors and improve the system, was the solution to a security flaw that had been compromising the security of hundreds of users of iPhone.

The conclusion we take from all this is that every precaution is little to avoid the theft of data and personal information. The best thing is always to be prevented and put into practice the different safety tips that we always give you from your expert.

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