The iPhone Xr is the fifth best-selling smartphone in Europe in the second quarter of 2019

by Kelvin
The iPhone Xr is the fifth best-selling smartphone in Europe in the second quarter of 2019

When Apple launched the iPhone Xr many were the media that claimed that this would be the best selling smartphone of Apple. As sales of this device have evolved, they were absolutely right in the world. In fact, the iPhone Xr is the best selling iPhone of Apple since it will reach the market in October 2018.


According to the latest figures published by Canalys, the iPhone Xr has reached during the last quarter the number 5 position in sales with sales throughout Europe of 1.8 million units. This classification is headed by Samsung and no Huawei terminal is found.

IPhone Xr sales in Europe

However, even though the iPhone Xr has positioned itself as the fifth best-selling smartphone in Europe, the figures of Apple They arent good, since its market share has fallen by 17% compared to the same period last year, currently standing at 14.1% by 17% that it had last year by the same dates.

In addition to Samsung, the other manufacturer that has taken advantage of the Huawei veto has been Xiaomi, who has managed to increase its market share in the old continent by 48%, currently standing at 9.6%. Huawei sales have experienced a 16% drop in the last quarter, placing its market share at 18.8% by the 40.6% that Samsung currently has.

The second quarter of 2019, has not been especially good for Huawei, after the problems it has faced due to the veto of the United States government. As expected, the rest of the manufacturers They have taken advantage of this block, especially Samsung who has managed to place in the top 5 to three of its models, being the Galaxy A50 the most sold in Europe with more than 3.2 million units.

In second position, we find another Samsung, the A40, with 2.2 million units, followed by Redmi Note 7 with 2 million units. In fourth position, is the Galaxy A20e with 1.9 million units, closely followed by the iPhone Xr with 1.8 million units.

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