The keynote is coming and this is all we expect: iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5 and much more

by Kelvin
The keynote is coming and this is all we expect: iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5 and much more

The most important event of Apple It is about to start. There are just over twenty four hours left for Tim Cook to take the stage at the Steve Jobs Theater and announce the new iPhone 11 and the Apple Watch Series 5, as well as new services such as Apple Arcade and even Apple TV +. The keynote will not be exempt from any surprise, where they are shuffled from a "Apple tag "to a new generation of Apple TV.

We remind you that Applesfera is invited to the event tomorrow and that our director Pedro Aznar will come to cover it in person. We will shortly announce the ways of follow the keynote with us.


Flagships: iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 pro

As every September for several years, the keynote will revolve around the new iPhone models. Starting with his name, the rumorology It is almost assumed that they will be the following: iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The adjective Pro was released in mid-August by an account of Twitter which has been right in all its predictions.

Both models would replace the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, respectively, as flagships of this course. The most important feature of the new generation would be the camera system, which would add an additional sensor in each model. This sensor will allow you to take wide-angle photographs and improve images in low light situations. The software will combine all three images automatically and they will be able to correct them in case a person stays out of plane, for example. The video will also improve with various editing tools even when a recording is being made.

Although we know some details of the hardware and software, we do not know how the integration between them and the final result for the user will be

Behind this photographic system will be the new A13 processor, which will provide enough power for these and other device improvements. It is expected that Apple Also announce a new MCC co-processor that will help in augmented reality tasks without loading the main CPU.

wireless charging airpods

As for the rest of the novelties of this pair of iPhone 11 Pro, we know that they will maintain the same design as last year in terms of sizes and shape (there are already even covers that reveal the camera hole). Except for the three-chamber system in a square section, large exterior changes are not expected (perhaps new colors and a more matte rear). It is also taken for granted that will have reverse wireless charging to recharge the battery of a wireless case AirPods, as well as a Apple Watch, similar to what competitors like Samsung do. Reason why the logo of the bitten apple on the back would be more centered.

Both models would also have an improved version of Face ID, where the operating angle would be wider. This would allow the user unlock iPhone 11 from a flat surface, like a table, with greater comfort. Higher water resistance and 3D Touch removal are also on the table.

iPhone 11, the successor of the iPhone XR

iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 would be the name of the designated successor of the iPhone XR. In this generation, Apple I would completely abandon the designation of iPhone with Roman numerals to return to a traditional numbering. This terminal would have 4GB of RAM, the same A13 processor and its new matrix co-processor, as well as an additional photographic sensor, also in square arrangement. This camera would allow optical zoom without losing quality as well as taking pictures in portrait mode to more objects. On the iPhone XR, this function was prepared only for people as it had a single camera.

The successor of the iPhone XR will keep a lower price to become again the best seller of this generation

We do not know if it will also have the new improved version of Face ID that we mentioned before, as well as the reverse wireless charging. The overall dimensions of the device would be maintained and two new colors are also shuffled: green and lavender. Both would replace the current blue and coral. The screen would remain LCD and the aluminum chassis. We will see what happens with the battery size, since this is the 2018 terminal with more autonomy.

Apple Watch Series 5: it's time to analyze your dream

Apple Watch  series 5

Some thought that the Cupertino company did not plan a new generation of Apple Watch. The truth is that there are very few rumors about the Apple Watch 5 series, but that does not mean that it does not exist. Last year the first major redesign with more screen, smaller frames and thinner construction happened. So this year I have to iterate on these new foundations.

Several improvements are being considered that will make this generation evolve. Among them, we are expected to see sleep monitoring finally officially in the Apple Watch. Apps like AutoSleep already exist for years, but Apple I would have prepared something more integrated with your device. Various media have found evidence in a way that will encourage the user to recharge the battery before going to sleep to enable sleep monitoring, a new Do not disturb mode and a silent alarm.

It is unknown if it will be an exclusive function of the Series 5. Personally, I hope that at least the Series 4 is compatible and that the new watch incorporates some hardware that prevents recharging before going to sleep. The rest of the news would be a school mode for study without distractions, new titanium and ceramic boxes and, of course, new belts.

Services and surprises: Apple Arcadian, Apple TV +, Apple TV and Apple tag

Apple  TV

On the services side, we are waiting for the final launch of Apple Arcadian. With Arcade, a user will pay a fee that is said to be about 5 euros per month to access a catalog of exclusive iOS games. The games would be complete, no purchases in-app, without ads and without online mode. They would have the possibility to play and continue games from any device Apple, as well as the family function. What better time to see it with the new iPhone.

As to Apple TV +, the exclusive series, films and documentaries service of Apple, we may also attend your final presentation. We need to know the monthly price and final catalog, although we already know the odd series (For all mankind, Dickinson, Mr. Corman and The morning show are some of them).

That same account of Twitter which we talked about earlier made a mention recently of the mythical One more thing by Steve Jobs. Of course, all suspicions fell on this year we would also see this scenic resource, having seen it with Apple Music and the iPhone X several years ago. The surprise that more ballots have to go out in this section is the call Apple tag, which rumors claim is a small disk that allows you to locate lost objects such as keys or a briefcase. Of course, without the need for a network connection thanks to a sophisticated system designed by Apple and announced in the last WWDC.

There are many details that are missing to know so much about Apple Arcade as of Apple TV + And there could also be room for a surprise in the form of a new device

And finally, the arrival of Apple Arcade and Apple TV + could be accompanied and reinforced by a new Apple TV of sixth generation. One with A12 processor which, together with the Picture in Picture function and the tvOS 13 multi-user, as well as the PS4 and Xbox One control support would make it a very competent video game console.

These are all the news that we hope for tomorrow. As you can see, we are not talking about new iPad, iPad Pro and even MacBook Pro, as we expect another event for October. There are many things to launch and it would be impossible to put them all in a single event.

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