The KIRIN A1 processor is what makes Huawei Freebuds 3 a milestone in Huawei's audio history

by Kelvin


The Kirin A1 processor gives the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 a technologically advanced approach that enables these new headsets to deliver a superior sound experience, combining excellent digital sound processing techniques with a high-sensitivity tuned diaphragm for spectacular music and voice reproduction. In addition, the new intelligent sound assisted by the Kirin A1 processor offers a host of state-of-the-art features such as simple, stable connectivity, ultra-low latency and an impressive approach to noise control.

THE Huawei added noise cancellation to the third generation of FreeBuds, your true wireless headphones. The FreeBuds 3, which the company announced on stage today at IFA 2019, includes four hours of battery life in the headphones themselves and comes with a disc-shaped circular charging case that increases the total listening time to 20 hours.

The headphones are available in black or white. THE Huawei states that FreeBuds 3 They are the world's first noise-canceling headphones with an open-fitting design. What this means is that the headphones do not create a sealed physical barrier between the ear canal and the world around us, as the silicon tips of normal noise-canceling headphones try to do.

It is an unusual design for a pair of noise canceling headphones and can have a major impact on the performance of the headphones. FreeBuds 3. Active noise cancellation tends to work best in low frequency sounds such as airplane crash or traffic noise, but is less effective at higher frequencies, which is why it is also useful to make headphones try to physically prevent sounds from entering our ears. Huawei says its priority with headphones was comfort and that people are less sensitive to high frequency background noise while trying to listen to music. They add that in some cases listening to high frequencies, such as car alarms, is really useful for people as it allows us to become more aware of what is happening around us.

THE Huawei is also launching a new chipset with the FreeBuds 3, called TO 1, which compares to H1 used by Apple on your AirPods. The company says the new Chipset is the first in the world to support the Bluetooth 5.1 standard and is designed to offer lower latency and power consumption compared to other Bluetooth chipsets. The FreeBuds 3 gives Huawei have never been afraid to use the influence of Apple. However, with noise cancellation introduced with third-generation headphones, the Huawei offers a feature that technically AirPods won't have at least for now.

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