The latest beta of iOS 13 makes apps open twice as fast

by Kelvin
iOS 13 en iPhone

When Apple presented iOS 13 and iPadOS back in June, one of the most interesting promises that came with these two new systems is a new way to create the apps that makes occupy up to 50% less space, which causes They are downloaded long before and open up to twice as fast.


In the first betas of iOS 13 this function was not active, however the last beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS, number 6, You have activated this option and the apps will now open much faster.

Flying applications

The best thing about this type of improvements is that they affect all the devices compatible with the new operating systems, if you have a new generation iPhone or iPad, the speed is likely to be almost imperceptible, however con an iPhone 6s or an iPad mini 4 this difference will be much more noticeable.

I have been able to try this improvement on an iPhone X with some applications and although in the two chaos they open quite quickly, it is true that in the latest beta of iOS 13 they do it at a considerably faster speed.

The only problem so far is that to enjoy this speed applications must be reinstalled, that is to say that you will not notice the change until the app is updated or deleted and reinstalled. However, it is a process that you will be doing without realizing it, although you can always force it. If when you upgrade to iOS 13 you restore from scratch, all apps will be installed in this new format faster.

As for the issue of space reduction, I have only been able to look at some applications, but for example Facebook messenger has gone from occupying about 278 MB to occupy 144 MB, apart from the documents and data that we have saved as images or stickers. In addition I have also noticed in Settings> General> Storage that I have some extra GB of space. This will be noticed the more more applications you have installed.

It is certainly a great function and It is one of those that usually go unnoticed but that are noticed on a daily basis, especially if you have a device with some years and with little capacity. If you want to know more about iOS 13 do not miss everything we have analyzed about the new system of Apple, and if you want to install it remember that the public beta is already available.