The latest in Starbucks: pay for your coffee with a smart pen

by Kelvin
The latest in Starbucks: pay for your coffee with a smart pen

The latest in Starbucks: pay for your coffee with a smart pen 2

When the credit card was invented in the SD era, paying with it greatly simplified things. You no longer had to carry money on you. And the whole process was to pass a piece of plastic with magnetic stripe. Then came the virtual cards, with which to buy for Amazon, eBay and others without having to give a number of a real physical card was an added security advantage.

Pay with mobile, NFC technology

And since evolution does not stop in any field, digital payment arrived, systems like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay, that allow us to digitize physical credit cards, put them in the mobile and use them as usual, only with the advantages of mobile payment and the use of biometric security systems. In addition, NFC technology also reached the classic cards, which equipped with an NFC chip allow to pay the same as with the mobile: bringing them closer to the POS but without having to pass them. This type of payment, baptized as ‘Contactless’, has managed to rise as the most used in Spain.


In Japan, Starbucks stores sell devices and accessories with NFC technology to connect them to a digital wallet and not have to pay with the mobile. And the most recent of all is a ‘smart’ pen that also really writes – using a brown ink. The pen has implemented a "contactless" technology called FeliCa, very popular and widely used in Japan, and that allows you to pay simply by tapping the pen in the POS terminal of payment. Simple and absolutely ‘cool’.

Starbucks Touch: The Pen

Baptized as Starbucks Touch: The Pen and with a very stylized design, the pen is already part of a line of NFC devices such as a small purse or a smartphone case. If you are in Japan – or the same can be purchased online -, the Sarbucks pen will go on sale on September 25 at 4,000 yen, about 33.5 euros to change, and will come with a loan of 1,000 yen (€ 8.3) to spend. Yes, it is a bit expensive given that you can pay the same using your mobile, but what about paying with a little touch of pen on the POS?