The latest update of Windows again causes problems for users

by Kelvin
Captura fallida de Windows 10.

Do you notice your screenshots in Windows 10 have a different color? Or that your CPU is working more often than it should? It's not you alone, don't worry: the latest update of Windows 10 is giving users problems … again.

Specifically, we talk about the update of Windows 10 KB4512941, which again, is giving users headaches. At the beginning of September, errors began to be detected in this update related to the use of the CPU or the search for Windows.


Now it's giving trouble With screenshots. Some users are reporting that, when making a screenshot, It looks orange. This problem, as the same users are checking, has to do with video drivers.

The screenshots, the last problem with an update of Windows 10

Users like Wiki_768 complain that when taking a screenshot it turns orange as reported by MSPowerUser. It is true that this problem was being seen for a week, but now it has gotten worse. The screenshots no longer come out oranges only, but even if we do a cutout on the screen With the clipping tool, orange will also come out. The same goes for the "PrtSrc" button.

Other users complain that orange tinting is not limited to catches; when they start the computer the screen looks apparently fine, but after entering the login data The screen gradually turns orange. Interestingly, it is the only mouse that does not ink orange.

The problem as several users have commented has to do with old video drivers, since uninstalling these or the same update fixes the error. The problem now is that Microsoft has not included this bug in the list of problems that the update has already given KB4512941.

Because no, this has not been the only problem related to the update. Other problems reported by users and that Microsoft has admitted are excessive CPU usage related to the SearchUI.exe process. This is easily verifiable in the task manager.

Another of the annoying bugs that users have detected has to do with the search for Windows, which in some cases does not work directly. Users search for something in the search box and it stays in a white box without doing anything. In this case Microsoft has assured that it is investigating the problem, but has not said anything about a possible patch.

We have, then, 2 options: uninstall the update from the settings of Windows or wait for Microsoft to release patches that solve these problems. In the case of the orange screen, try to update your video drivers first, and if it is not fixed, uninstall the update directly.

Fortunately this is very simple to do. Go to the settings of Windows, to "Update and security", to "View update history" and "Uninstall updates". Look for update KB4512941 and uninstall it.

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