The launch of Apple Watch could be displaced as of June

by Kelvin
The launch of Apple Watch could be displaced as of June 1

The high demand makes Apple postpone the launch of Apple Watch

It is not the first time that he talks about Apple Watch, its production problems and the number of units available, which would limit the number of devices that Apple could get ready for the launch of the smart watch of the Californian firm, however it was not expected that this would affect to the point of move the release date of Apple Watch.

The launch of Apple Watch could be displaced as of June 2

Angela Ahrendts talks about the acceptance of Apple Watch and more

The news comes through a letter that has been written by the store manager Apple Store, Angela Ahrendts. This note was sent to all employees, so it is understood that the launch of the device has been practically changed date.


This is the letter written by Angela Ahrendts:

Dear team,

For my part, Tim Cook and the entire executive team, I want to thank you for launching the clock Apple Unforgettable last Friday. The try-on continues regularly in our store, as well as the support, as we have always done.

User comments have been very positive, beyond what we could imagine. They are all very excited for him Apple Watch and all of you are creating a really fantastic test experience. Customers who pre-ordered the watch will start receiving it from next Friday, as expected, and we already know that they will do a great job helping to set it up.

Many of you will receive a constant demand from customers: «Will we be able to buy the Apple Watch on April 24? ”As announced last week, due to a very high interest in the world and limited launch action, at the moment only online pre-orders are accepted. I will provide more details as soon as we approach a date when it will be possible to sell the device in the store, but we hope that online pre-orders will remain active throughout the month of May. It is not an easy decision and I will share with you everything that is behind.

It is important to remember that the clock Apple It is not just a new product, but it represents a whole new product category for us. There has never been anything similar. To offer the kind of service our customers expect, we realized a completely new approach. That is why, for the first time, we are showing a preview of a product in our stores before the actual sale through the hand test.

The clock of Apple It is also our most personal device we have, with several boxes and straps to better reflect itself. In order for sufficient supplies to arrive for each variation, it takes longer than expected, so we accept pre-orders online.

We know that this is a different experience for our clients, and also a novelty for you. Are we going to launch all future products with this new approach? The answer is No. We love the DayOne of our products and we will continue to have many. These are the moments when you, our team, shine. And our customers love it too.

The Apple Watch It is a great new product and we are at the beginning of a very happy stage to Apple. You are the best team on the planet and you are doing a great job.

For customers who want to buy a watch from ApplePlease continue to help them pre-order online. Just make sure that customers know that despite buying online they will receive great support from you at the time of personal setup, both online and in the store. This includes iPhone sync from Apple with the clock and teaching the amazing features of the clock.

Thank you.

The launch of Apple Watch could be displaced as of June 3

The Apple Watch will be available in store from June

The first sign of this change could be seen this morning through the official site of Apple on which they had removed the availability date of the Apple Watch, April 24, 2015, now putting the message "The Watch is coming" or what it means "The Watch is coming", and shifting the availability of the watch in stores at least until June.

In addition, those users who have managed to book it online with shipping for April 24, will receive their watch on DayOne, however, the vast majority of users and all those who will want to buy it through the Apple Store will have it available from next June.

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