The long-awaited development of the & # 039; Exile of Embermark & ​​# 039 ;, on hold, new dungeon game now …

by Kelvin
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In early 2016 we learned about Exiles in EmbermarkAn ambitious and ambitious combat RPG. Initially advertised as a project by Industrial Toys, the manufacturer Midnight star a series of first-person shooters on the move, the developers actually turned to a new studio called Gunslinger that best represented what they were trying to accomplish with Exiles in Embermark: A game where you can have a meaningful and strategic duel with real-life opponents, all in a span of one or two minutes that matches the style of a bite-sized mobile game. Literally like a digital shooter. Since that initial announcement over three years ago, we have covered Exiles in Embermark a ton, post new info when you get out and see the game in various stages of development at the conference. It always seems like the game is there at the finish line, but with Gunslinger it always adds new features and systems and then tries to balance everything for fun, the finish line always seems to go further into the future. And, well, unfortunately it finally caught up with them because today they announced that "production of the game is currently on ice." [/ embed]


So what does that mean? Well, the short answer is that they simply ran out of money to continue construction. They previously increased their staff and expanded the scope of the game, but when some of the expected financial funds didn't come, they reached the end of their rope quickly. Unfortunately, that means all of the Gunslinger staff saving for the two co-founders has been fired, and currently Exiles in Embermark Development is on hold. The game is roughly 75% complete, and if there's a sugar daddy type, Gunslinger will be happy to have financial supporters appear on the scene to help them with funds to complete and launch the game. If that describes you, you can find more details and contact information on the Internet. Exiles in Embermark tumblr

If the money angel does not participate and save the game? Well, Gunslinger still wants to end the game by financing it himself. One way they hope to do that is with the proceeds from the so-called new game. Dungeon that they just announced today. This will be an additional game that breaks the upgrade hooks and loots underground collection collections and RPGs and places them in a mobile friendly clicker. But calling him a clicker can't Dungeon Justice because there seem to be quite a few systems in play here.

You can see some of the initial mockup screens as well as discover ways to participate in alpha tests coming soon Dungeon tumblr page, or you can join their new Discord server or check the game Twitter the page to follow its development. I was very sad to see him Exiles in Embermark Paused because I like what I've seen over the years and I know there's an amazing game there, but I'm sure we haven't heard the last one and in the meantime I'm really excited to see what it's all about. Dungeon The game finally becomes everything.