The mask Instagram The story everyone uses with Coronavirus

The mask Instagram The story everyone uses with Coronavirus 1

In fact, COVID-19, the coronavirus that scares the entire planet, has reached Spain. And that happens at a time when the collective hysteria has ended with a pharmaceutical mask. Even when it is known that they are not completely effective in stopping this infection. Perhaps for this reason, and with a few jokes, many users Instagram History has already begun to be used. virtual mask. A filter that has little or nothing to do with the Coronavirus mentioned above, but causes a sensation during the first days of alarm in Spain.


DoctorMask This is the name of this effect, which is far from the most complicated mask we've seen Instagram Recent history Although it has substance. And that is the effect of planting medical masks on our expensive faces as is sought today in pharmacies throughout the peninsula without much success. But not only that, the effect also uses universal symbols of health and medicine that leave our faces. Just like in a game where the character is healed and these icons appear on his head to inform him that his health has been rebuilt. If the same.


Another interesting thing about this filter is working on the animation of the mask itself. In addition to looking relatively realistic with marks on the nose and chin, it is an animated mask. So that we can speak and move your mouth and the mask reacts immediately. It is enough to offer a realistic sense of movement that matches our body movements and will offer filters that are more complicated than you can see in an instant. Although these details are certainly not noticeable these days, wearing a mask has become key.

With this approach, the filter shows all kinds of situations and jokes. To show pride or pride that you already have a mask that is useful against COVID-19, comment on some jokes or situations with this mask that are currently trending everywhere.

And the eye, one more detail: this same creator has developed a second mask that is more geeky and pleasant. In it we can see Pokemon pikachu. Version for players and fans who want to give another touch to this virtual Coronavirus mask.

How to get this mask?

All you have to do is travel to the profile of its creator, who claims to be a doctor. Instagram: @dr_bykanov. Remember that you don't need to follow the creators to add your filters to your collection. Instead, you must click the small face icon to switch from the photo to the filter. Here you can find DoctorMask, which is the original filter I talked about earlier, or check out the geek version called DoctorPikachu.


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