the most complete application for translating languages

by Kelvin

If you want to try out great alternatives from Google translators, today we recommend translators we have been testing for, and beyond, Google in some ways. It's about Translator U, a very complete application of that not only can help you with translation work, but much more. It has the world's best dictionaries like Oxford or Larousse, and is available for Android and iOS.

The key to this translator is not how he or she translates a phrase or word, which, but in their function. They make it a perfect app for all users who do not speak a specific language. If you're wondering, You can choose from 108 different languages.


Simple translation, now with various dictionaries

The basic function of any translator is to enter words or phrases and translate them without complications. This U translator is doing well even when offline. But what we love about it is that it can offer you a different dictionary.

In English, for example, you can choose from simplified translations, that is Oxford dictionary or Larousse. You can't find this at all mobile translator, thus providing great value to this application.

When you translate a word, the application shows you an example, whether written or heard. You can even use the microphone function to talk and find out if you say it correctly. The simple translation function is very complete, but it's not what we like most.

Magic Translation, Secret Weapon Translator U

If it's popular for something Translator U is for its function magic translation. You have to configure it from the application itself and you only need to receive some permissions on your mobile phone. When you enable it, you can enjoy a bubble on your screen to translate almost everything that appears in the interface.

You can go to WhatsApp and drag the bubble in the magnifying glass to the message your English friend sent you. It almost miraculously translates and presents the message content in your language. If you type a text box and pass the magnifying glass, This text will be automatically translated into other languages ​​so you can send it. In this video, you can see the potential of this tool:

This bubble can be placed on top web headlines, messages and all kinds of content. Thanks to this tool, keeping up with conversations with people who don't speak your language are a few cakes. You don't have to change applications all the time, you can do everything from WhatsApp, Telegram or email.

Tool from magic translation is the reason why Translator U It has become our favorite translator and one of our compulsory applications.

Camera translation, live chat and more

the most complete application for translating 2 languages

Translator U also offers the possibility to translate text without having to copy it. You can direct the camera to text in other languages ​​and the camera will automatically translate. It works really well and works perfectly for travel.

The voice part is one of the most important, as it allows you to have live conversations with someone who doesn't speak your language. All you have to do is configure two languages ​​and click on each one to speak. This way you can keep the conversations short and smooth without knowing any other languages.

Near the end, Including a U Translator daily will improve your language level. This is an application designed for you to translate everything you need, but also to learn. In the main interface you will see different daily tests you can do and that will help you understand a specific language better.

the most complete application for translating 3 languages

We downloaded Translator U on our device to test its popular features and has become one of our favorite applications. If you are traveling frequently or need help with the language, we highly recommend downloading it.

The application is completely free, is valid for all current phones and weighs only 40 MB. You can also download different language packages are completely free to use offline applications. This includes advertising, though not much and is well-distributed by the interface.

Download Translator U Google is playing

Download One Translator, the premium paid version (iOS only) → App Store

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