The Most Complete Guide to Playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Tricks and Strategies

by Kelvin
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From the hand of Warner Bros and Niantac Lab, the house that developed Pokémon GO, arrives Harry Potter Wizards Unite, a title that will immerse the player in the magical universe created by JK Rowling in a unique experience of Augmented Reality (RA).

The game was announced in 2017 and had its debut on June 21, 2019 in several regions of the world, including Spain. Since then, it is available for Android and iOS mobile platforms.


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What is the game about?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a role playing game which uses a powerful Augmented Reality system that, together with the geolocation of the mobile, allows interaction and fusion in real time of elements of the virtual world in the field of reality.

Where to download?

If you want to download Harry Potter Wizards Unite for free, all you have to do is target the official app markets. Forget about APKS or malicious pages that promise to have the game cracked. In the application stores of the Android and iOS operating systems you have the game completely safe:

wizards unite for mobile

Download in Play Store

Download for iOS

How to play Wizards Unite?

Before starting the adventure you must create your profile and you will be given the long-awaited opportunity to manufacture your own wand of Olive grove. If you prefer to have the Harry Potter wand you will have to collect the Voldemort twin wand materials. After that, the Sorting Hat will tell you which house you belong to.

With the RA-powered game map, you will explore the world to collect magical items in fortresses, greenhouses and other buildings. These objects will allow you to advance in the 60 levels It offers this fantastic title.

As the adventure progresses, you will have to face dangerous creatures, for that you will have the guidance of Hermione Y a squad of wizards and sorcerers. For the use of spells, you will only need to use your finger and draw the necessary movements on the screen.

In addition, the game has a internal store where you can buy various objects and different skills.

Best tips and tricks for Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Even if you are a good fan and have read all the books and have seen all the films in the saga, it does not imply that you will succeed in Wizards Unite, but quite the opposite. And you will need know a series of tricks and skills in a world whose possibilities are virtually endless, thanks to Augmented Reality.

Therefore, if you want to go as far as possible, then we show you a basic survival guide. Here we go!

How to save and get Energy without spending money?

As you cast spells and complete the activities, you lose Energy. That energy it can be replenished for free in the inns that you find along the way, where you can choose between Five kinds of food.

But you cannot enter the same inn more than once to recharge energy, but you must wait a while before you can take food again, so it is preferable to continue exploring the road and wait to meet another inn.

Each profession has its advantages

The professions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite they are class roles, where each one presents specific skills and advantages. There are three: Auror, teacher and magizoologist.


As we know, the aurors are the veterans who face against the Dark Forces. They are the most skilled, strong and expert in the use of offensive spells.

They are characterized by fast attack, precision, critical power and damage against armor and defenses.

But despite their high attack power, they are deficient in defending themselves and defending another magician, so it is necessary to cover them and it is here that a dynamic of team play is necessary to balance.


The teachers are the most balanced, they combine their defensive and offensive skills with their advanced knowledge in the different types of magic, so it would be impossible to continue without one of them in the team.

They have a superior competition power, so you will always get a high bonus in any class. They also have a greatest advantage against elusive enemies (those who act with many movements) and during magical challenges can accumulate many points of focus, plus other professions.

Their only weakness is that they are not as efficient to penetrate enemy defense lines, so they require aurors and magizoologists.


These characters, emulated in the friendly Hagrid, are experts in the conservation and care of magical creatures. They are characterized by being very effective for defense, coming to resist enemy attacks in large numbers. They are difficult to remove.

However, they have a great deficiency for the attack against sorcerers, lack precision and damage power, but because of their strength They are effective facing beast creatures.

Know the details of the potions

Potions have an important utility in missions to defend yourself, heal and attack your enemies. For this reason, you must learn the different kinds of existing potions, the advantages they offer and the ingredients for their preparation.

Of course, keep in mind that in order to start preparing potions, you must be at least in the fourth level of play

Stimulation Potion

Properties: Significantly improves defensive and offensive spells Ingredients: A bell of winter, blood of Uro, a hair of Granian and a bitter root. Time of preparation: one hour. Master trick: It is ready in 9 minutes if you trace up twice and then turn clockwise.

Baruffio brain elixir

Properties: Extra wizard experience for each stroke of the wand. Ingredients: Two frog brains, three runespoor eggs, two jumping mushrooms and three crushed dragon claws. Time of preparation: 12 hours. Master Trick: It is ready in 1 hour and 48 minutes with the following movements: a clockwise turn, a pinch out and shake.

Healing potion

Properties: Restores the standard of living after combat. Ingredients: a pus of bubotubérculo, a dictamo, a garlic and a dragon liver. Time of preparation: 12 hours. Master Trick: so that it is ready in 1 hour and 48 minutes: it is pinched out, then a clockwise turn, several touches on the screen and a pinch inwards.

Strong Stimulus Potion

This is a very good potion for the game, but unlocked at level 10.

Properties: remarkable improvement in combative and defensive magic spells. Ingredients: a bell of winter, a hair of Abraxan and two bells of blood of Uro. Time of preparation: 2 hours. Master Trick: It is ready in 18 minutes with: stroke up, down, turn clockwise and counterclockwise.

Invigorating potion

The invigorating potion will be available from level 8.

Properties: Substantial improvement in strategic spells in challenges and events. Ingredients: Vervaine infusion, a grass pasture, a mountain celery and honey juice. Time of preparation: 12 hours. Master Trick: To be ready in 1 hour and 48 you must turn right, up, up and then pinch to the right.

Wandering Potion

Can be done from level 10.

Properties: Power strokes and make creatures run away. Ingredients: two soporiferous beans, a hermit crab shell, a butterscotch and two valerian roots. Time of preparation: 6 hours. Master Trick: its time can be shortened to 54 minutes if the mobile is shaken, a turn is drawn clockwise, two turns counterclockwise and pinched inwards.

Strong invigorating potion

Is required level 13 to unlock it

Properties: It allows to significantly increase strength during clashes and magical challenges. Ingredients: an infusion Vervain, a achillea ptarmica, and honey water. Preparation time: 2 hours. Master Trick: to be ready in 18 minutes you have to slide up three times and two pinches out.

Sharpening Potion of Wit

It is unlocked from level 15.

Properties: The efficiency of spells against enemy masters in challenges is markedly increased. Ingredients: a spleen of salam√°ndrido, a ground beetle, a ginger root and an armadillo bile. Time of preparation: It is ready in 18 minutes if it slides out, up, up and then several touches are given on the screen.

Take advantage of your XP: how to have more experience?

In the beta versions of the game, several gameplay have demonstrated varied ways to earn XPs or experience points in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Cast spells accurately

The screen shows the pattern of movements that must be followed to cast an optimally effective spell, the order of the scores is as follows:

Fair: 0 XP Good: 20XP Cool: 50XP Teacher: 100XP

Get Foundables

The "foundables" (or "found" in English), are people, beasts and objects that They are randomly distributed along the map. Each encounter translates into an XP gain that is valued as follows:

Low: 50XP Means, medium: 75XP Tall: 150XP Severe: 250XP Emergency: 500XP

Rare or exotic creatures are valued separately and as follows:

Pixie: 50XP Centaur: 100XP Vampire: 150XP Werewolf: 150XP

Daily rewards

For every time you enter Harry Potter Wizards Unite you will get a reward. Although they are not always XP, other times they can be objects, spells or potions.

Use Baruffio's Brain Elixir Potion

Commented earlier, the use of this potion is capable of double the experience that you have so far, with the exception of those obtained by daily rewards.


So far it is considered as the best option to gain experience In this magical game. Their bonuses in XPs for the use of the transferrs range from 1000 and 2000 to 5000XP. There is also a multiplier trick of transferrs that can further increase this amount of XP.

Deciphering Mysteries

The Mysteries make up a section among the activities you can do as a magician within the app. Every time you complete one you will receive 500XP.

Get together with friends to defeat the enemy

Harry Potter Wizard Unite does have multiplayer mode, although not in a traditional way like other platforms such as PUGB or Fornite, where the emphasis falls on clans. The one of the magical world created by JK Rowling promotes the solidarity and union between the community of magicians and sorcerers.

However, in strengths you can choose teammates of 5 players. Although if someone challenges you you can fight individually showing their skills, but only within the fortress.

Don't hurry (a good strategy is important)

Many times for wanting to change levels as soon as possible improper mistakes are made that make the previous development useless.

To get to the highest levels it is recommended follow a strategy and answer the questions of why you do each action. Besides that you will enjoy more and better the game.

If you have a large mobile, activate one-handed mode

Learning spells is the main thing to become a magician with skills, for that you must follow the instructions on the screen on how to slide, but it can be a bit awkward if the screen of your mobile exceeds 6 inches.

To do this, it is advisable to activate the "one hand" mode. It is a unique function of Android devices, which consists of moving the screen to the side in a size ratio of 2 thirds. This way you can operate it with just one finger.

To activate this mode you should check the section of display settings of your device since in each brand there is a different activation mode.

Get spell books

As you go along the map and discover ‚Äúfoundable‚ÄĚ, You will discover scrolls, which are relatively easy to find.

However, spell books are somewhat more difficult and it is due to their importance, since they are the ones that allow you to advance in the skill tree and strengthen your profession.

You can get them winning fortress battles, either against other people who are close or against the enemies that appear in each round. But we must warn that they become more powerful and, as the game progresses, they are increasingly difficult to beat.

Another way to get spell books is with the rewards that you get when you go round randomly.

The importance of the inns

The inns play a vital role in this world, given that They are the ones that allow you to recharge your energy. They are spread across the entire map, surely several are near your area, so you don't have to worry.

Once you arrive at an inn, you must perform a small spell so that the dishes appear randomly and within those dishes you will find energy and rewards.

The food dishes are always different and will replenish your energy in a varied way. However, once you open a plate you can not take another until 5 minutes pass.

The colors of the inns indicate about the quality of food you have and the amount of energy available. Generally, green, blue and purple ones have better rewards and more energy.

The foods you can get at the inns are the following:

Tea set: They are in the pink and brown inns and restore two spell energy bars. Tomato soup: It is found in purple and brown inns and restores a spell energy bar. Bertie-Bott dragees of all flavors: This classic is found in green inns and restores two spell energy bars. Pumpkin Juice: You'll find them in purple and blue inns and restore two levels of spell energy. Violet Pudding: they restore three levels of spell energy and you can find them in pink inns. Sausages with mashed potatoes: they are in the purple inns and regenerate five levels of spell energy. Honeydukes Chocolate Bars: you can get them at the green inns and they can restore six levels of spell energy. Fried fish and chips: They are found in blue and brown inns and regenerate six spell energy bars. Butter beer: They are in purple and blue inns and restore seven levels of spell energy. Thanksgiving dinner: It is the top dish, they are in green inns and restore about ten levels of spell energy.

How to get more gold coins

You will need the gold coins to invoke spells, get upgrades and other actions within the game. For this, you can get them in several ways, being the best option inns and greenhouses. However, these places have limited capacity, since you can only take energy and gold coins from time to time.

The second and best way to get them is by doing own game activities: completing achievements, winning battles, challenges or events and also in the rewards of the game.

But if you need many more coins, you can buy them with real money inside Diagon alley, the place for magical shopping.

To do this, click on the suitcase icon and then on the cart icon to access the Diagon alley. There you can not only buy coins, but also accessories such as keys, detectors and many other objects.


Without a doubt, Niantic Inc has impressed once again with a incredible augmented reality title, since they have not found a better universe than Harry Potter to demonstrate the magic of this technology.

The challenges, mini games and activities in its multiplayer environment offer a really unique and immersive experience.

However, although it is available for Android, not all devices can run the game correctly. This is due to the high quality of graphic support necessary for its operation.

In order to truly enjoy Harry Potter Wizards Unite it is necessary to have a high-end device with optimum and supreme processing quality. Also, another disadvantage to consider is data and battery consumption, the latter being the most critical.

But in short, It is a solid game with innovative technology which continues to impress the gamer community for its high graphic quality, its adaptation to the real world and the game interactivity

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