The most expensive apps in the Android store

by Kelvin
The most expensive apps in the Android store

The application store for Android devices has been characterized by presenting a wide variety of apps. Of course some are usually more useful than others, but it is true that not all available applications are free of charge, Some are extremely expensive and do not have many functions.

Most users find themselves avoiding applications that involve an expense, especially if they seem absurd and unnecessary. Many people have access to the purchase of apps, whose prices are not exaggerated, since the common thing is that they do not exceed two zeros. The truth is that application development has become a lucrative business.


In Google Play you can find applications with a price of 350 euros not at all justified. Only those people with a high purchasing power can afford to afford these types of applications that would only boast. Not always paying a high price is worth it, although others are worth it. If you are interested in knowing about the most expensive apps in the Android store, continue reading us.

Abu Moo Collection

Some applications may deserve to pay a high price for their services, but in this case the same does not happen. For an inexplicable and not reasonable price of 350 euros, you can choose to simply have a wallpaper on a jewel. Its developer Abu Moo, launched a collection of 6 apps where they all have the same price, giving a total of 2100 euros for all.

Link | to download

The Atlas of Internal Medicine

The most expensive apps in the Android store 1

This is a medicine atlas written by different professionals in the area, whose price corresponds to 140.92 euros. Despite having a high cost, it is a useful application for medical students and health professionals. It has a collection with more than 2,000 articles on clinical quality, morphology, laboratory and signs of disorders.

Link | to download

Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery, 11th Ed

The most expensive apps in the Android store 2

Another application dedicated to medicine but focused for gynecological surgery. It aims to teach skillful tactics, with the aim of reducing the pain of patients in the practice of these surgeries. Contains diagrams to show the indicated use of current instruments and procedures. It is available by 90.69 euros.

Link | to download


The most expensive apps in the Android store 3

An application that brings together the community of millionaires, to be part of a club where they will get privileges and discounts. They include hotels, restaurants, lifestyles, private jets, etc. iVipBlack works as a search engine for exotic luxuries in the world For your users. You can be treated as a VIP in their places associated with this app for a price of $ 362.84.

Link | to download

The most expensive ball game

The most expensive apps in the Android store 4

This simple ball game It has a price of nothing more and nothing less than $ 332.02. The only thing you should do in this game is to manipulate the ball on different screens avoiding colliding with obstacles. Surely you will wonder if there are people who buy it and the answer is yes, having better options to choose from.

Link | to download

These were the most expensive applications that you can find available on Google Play. Although we have to mention that as time passes, we will find new applications with an absurd value for what they offer.

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