The most powerful high-end mobile phones by AnTuTu

by Kelvin
Самые мощные мобильные телефоны высокого класса по версии AnTuTu

The most powerful high-end mobile phones by AnTuTu

Now that we are starting to see the end of 2020 getting closer and closer, and with all the brands already introducing their high-end product line-up bets, we can more accurately see which mobiles are the most powerful of the year. As usual, the well-known performance program AnTuTu has already prepared its ranking, in which high-end mobile phones with the highest scores in tests , that is, the most powerful that we can get our hands on, in terms of Android devices is concerned. However, when we look at the list, we realize that the most important events of the year are still far away.

The most powerful high-end mobile phones by AnTuTu 2


This year was significant improvement, with the introduction of Snapdragon 865 … Most high-end terminals integrate this processor, with the exception of some Exynos and Kirin, which are gradually claiming their place. So much so that one of the latest rumors suggests that firms like Xiaomi, OPPO or Vivowill integrate Exynos chips in some of its next releases. However, we found a surprise in the latest AnTuTu rankings.

Huawei rules its Kirin 9000

The first place in the ranking of the most powerful mobile phones of the year is currently occupied by Huawei, with its Mate 40 Pro and thanks to the new Kirin 9000 processor with which he reached 685,000 5 points. In second and third places are the iQOO 5 Pro and iQOO 865 with Snapdragon 663,979 processor with 663,767 10 and 865 16 points, respectively. It is curious to see how the entire Xiaomi Mi XNUMX Ultra, with the same Snapdragon XNUMX, XNUMX GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, took the sixth place in the ranking, which once again shows that not all the numbers and that device optimization is key.

Moviles Mas Potentes Antutu Octubre 2020

Bad news

The least annoying thing is to see the list of the most powerful mobile phones of the year and see that at the moment we may not have any of the ones that appear in the top positions. In the case of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro, we know that it will hit the market, but it doesn’t have an official launch date yet, Although our sources assure that it will arrive in stores before the Christmas holidays. In the second and third places, we see two terminals that are currently inaccessible. IQOO brand was born in early 2019 as a sub-brand Vivo… It aims to be an independent firm specializing in mobile gaming where performance prevails over everything else, judging by the AnTuTu ratings, there is no doubt they are achieving it. There are currently no plans to officially commercialize it in Europe, so its purchase is reserved for Chinese electronic product import portals.

iqoo 5 pro

Something similar happens with Vivo X50 Pro +, the fourth most powerful terminal of the year already. Vivo has just entered the European market and did so in the same way as other brands did in their time, that is, having made a solid and weighty bet on the price / quality ratio, but retaining its most powerful high-end for the future. There is no doubt that if the market reacts positively to Vivowe will eventually see its full potential.

And the future?

These performance samples may be small. when Qualcomm will officially unveil the new Snapdragon 875 that will be the brain of many high-end phones in 2021. Before its launch, AnTuTu score was leaked, which supposedly belongs to this chip and exceeded 847,000 points, which represents a performance increase of more than 25% over the current Snapdragon 865. Now the big question will be which smartphone will be the first on the market. that will integrate it and showcase its power.

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