The most used mobile browsers in Italy in 2019

by Kelvin
The most used mobile browsers in Italy in 2019

StatCounter data say that in Italy, not too differently from what happens globally, the absolute browser most used on mobile devices is Google Chrome. Two dynamics have imposed the great success of the browser: on the one hand the towing of Android on the mobile front, on the other the anti-IE ride recorded over the years by the desktop. The result is that today 63.88% of Italian mobile users browse using the Mountain View browser.

Chrome, Safari, Samsung Internet

These are the most used browsers in Italy at the moment on the mobile platform:

  1. Google Chrome 63.27%
  2. Safari 23.33%
  3. Samsung Internet 10%

No other browser is able to reach at least 1% of users, thus making it insignificant in statistical terms.

Browser 2019 in Italy, Statcounter data

Android and iOS, Samsung e Apple

In Italy the market is now completely monopolized by operating systems Android is iOS, distributed to today respectively on 74.2% It is on 24.7% of mobile devices in circulation. Windows and BlackBerry remained at 0.6% and 0.02%, an epiphany of a market situation that a decade ago told a very different story.

The data on operating systems well reflect the statistics related to the brands most present among users, with the Android world that is divided between Samsung (35.13% of the total of devices), Huawei (25.07%, just above the market share Apple), Xiaomi (3.13%) and LG (2.28%). Asus stops at 1.6%, Wiko at 1.11%.

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