Two iterations of the same series per year, the launch of the Motorola Moto G8 – or the Motorola Moto G7s – is just around the corner. Although the company has not yet confirmed it, it is known that some of the models mentioned above will see the light during the last four months of the year. This time it is the supposed Moto G8 which leaks through a real image that predicts its design, very different from what we saw a few months ago in another supposed filtration of the device.


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Motorola Moto G8: frameless display, triple camera and retractable system

Models like the Moto G7 have not finished curdling in the market and they are already talking about their predecessor, the Moto G8. Specifically, the filtered image of the supposed terminal lets us see a design that differs greatly from the latter.

motorola moto g8

As we can see in the filtered image, the phone would dispense with the water drop shaped notch which models like the Moto G7 integrate as standard. This makes us think that Motorola's mid-range could opt for a design based on the traditional camera retractable system to improve the utilization ratio of the front surface.

Little is known about the rest of the terminal's characteristics, beyond its possible design. Some sources suggest that could integrate up to three cameras in its rear, like the rumored Motorola One Action. Since the terminal will be oriented to the average range of consumption, it is expected that the fingerprint sensor is located on the back, along with the brand logo. As far as the technical section is concerned, everything indicates that we will find a roadmap similar to that of the Motorola Moto G7 Plus, with some slight improvement.

Snapdragon 665 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage are some of the possible features of the Motorola Moto G8. Its screen could grow to 6.2 inches, and its cameras could be composed of wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Aspects such as the battery or the number of integrated connections are still unknown, so we will have to wait for new leaks to see what the next mid-range of the brand owned by Lenovo.

Source | Slashleaks

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