The must-have keyboard shortcuts for Screencastify

The must-have keyboard shortcuts for Screencastify 1

Screencastify is one of Chrome's most popular screen recording tools, and it comes in the form of an extension. And just because it's a browser extension doesn't mean you can't record your desktop.

However, to master Screencastify, you must make the most of the available shortcuts. Oh, and Screencastify has plenty of great ones to suit your convenience. Here are some keyboard shortcuts that you should know about Screencastify that will help you make the most of this brilliant extension.


Open Screencastify

You can open the extension at any time, anywhere in your browser with a simple Alt + Shift + S I send. On macOS, press Option + Shift + S. This is very useful for making quick adjustments to the video recording settings.

Stop / Start recording

One thing that makes you look less professional and makes your videos less fluid is having to stop recording manually. There is a way to avoid it, of course, and that is to cut the end of the video. But why do that during editing when you can use a neat shortcut that will stop recording for you? press Alt + Shift + R (Windows) or Option + Shift + R (Mac) to stop or start screen recording.

Pause / Resume recording

Even more important is the pause / resume command. Without using this shortcut, you will have to pause your video manually and then adjust these pauses in post production. Instead, use the Alt + Shift + P (Option + Shift + P) to pause or resume recording at your convenience.

Show / Hide toolbar

To toggle the annotation toolbar, press Alt + T or Option + T. This command may not change the rules of the game, but it is certainly useful.

Focus on focus on pointer

If you've ever watched online tutorial videos, you've seen people highlight their pointer. That will make things a lot easier for your viewers to follow. It is a simple command that activates or deactivates the focus of the mouse. You should press Alt + F or Option + F to activate this

Highlight clicks

Sometimes, you want your viewers to know when you clicked and how many times you clicked, without having to listen carefully. the Alt + K (Option + K) The shortcut can help you with that. Use it to highlight each mouse click with a red circle.

Pen and eraser

If you want some advanced presentation options, use the pencil and eraser tools to make your videos even clearer. press Alt + P (Option + P) to activate the pen tool or press Alt + E (Option + E) to use the eraser tool.

press Alt + Z or Option + Z if you want to delete the screen of all your editions.

Other shortcuts

To return to the mouse cursor, press Alt + M or Option + M. If you want the mouse pointer to disappear when it doesn't move, press Alt + H or Option + H. To toggle the built-in webcam, press Alt + W or Option + W. To show or hide the recording timer, press Alt + C or Option + C.

Customize shortcuts

A great thing about Screencastify is that you don't have to use the mentioned shortcuts. You can customize each one to your preference. To do this, open the extension. Then open the Main menu and click Options. Find the Keyboard shortcuts section and then select Set up recording shortcuts. From here, choose a shortcut and configure it according to your preferences. You can even change the shortcut preferences for different browsers.

keyboard shortcuts

Screencastify shortcuts

To get the most out of your videos, introduce the aforementioned shortcuts. They may not seem like much, but each has its benefits. If you don't like it, don't worry, you can change it.

What are your most used shortcuts on this list? Have you changed the keys? Access the comments section with your thoughts on the Screencastify shortcuts and the extension in general.

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