The new and better Galaxy Fold It is here and really strengthened …

by Kelvin

Newer and better Galaxy Fold finally here, and it looks much more durable than the original model.


During the initial trial period SamsungAn innovative folding smartphone, a number of influencers and testers report screen damage for various reasons. Obviously, no one will spend $ 1,980 for such a delicate device. So luckily the company sees what's wrong and gets over it.

The new Galaxy Fold It looks very similar to the initial model. Even if you have the real Galaxy Fold in front of you, the difference is almost invisible, according to vlogger Marquis Brownlee by video below.

So what is different? Most importantly, the screensaver everyone peeled off now extends even further and is tucked around the edge. The T-shaped guard keeps dirt and grime from the hinge area. Also, the hinge mechanism itself is much stronger.

Other than that Galaxy Fold Almost exactly the same. The slim-screen mini phone switches to a larger screen, ideal for sending emails, multitasking, and more. See below.

Get more information through Samsung here.

Samsung Galaxy Fold [/ embed]

Galaxy Fold: Official introduction [/ embed]

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