the new desktop app significantly improves performance

by Kelvin

Slack released an update for your desktop app that improves performance so it means. This version was already available to some users from the previous week, however, it is until today that it becomes available to the public. According to the data provided by the company, the application Opens 33% faster and RAM usage was reduced by up to 50%.

The application opens 33% faster and the use of RAM was reduced by up to 50%.


It is important to mention that the update also reached the web version, so you'll notice the improvements if you use Slack from the browser. To achieve this, the communication platform said goodbye to jQuery and other technologies that were used since 2012. Instead they have adopted React and Redux, open source tools created by the development team of Facebook, and whose popularity continues to grow due to its efficiency and performance.

Of course, to implement the new technologies it was necessary redo multiple sections of the application. Jaime DeLanghe, director of product management, told TechCrunch that his goal was that people could use Slack along with other tools, without damaging performance in their workflow. In addition, he explains, it was time to adopt new technologies to adapt to the modern era of development.

Much of the interface now works thanks to React, which allows reuse visual components without the need to process them multiple times. This practice helps to reduce the consumption of RAM memory significantly. Of course, some sections of the app still use Electron, a tool that allows you to port websites to native desktop applications. However, Electron has some disadvantages such as excessive resource consumption.

The latest news from Slack is the possibility of Continue to visualize communication channels even when you are not connected to the internet. Previously, the application showed a blank window when the connection was lost. Now messages are stored in the cache to remain available regardless of the status of your internet. The update is now available in both macOS and Windows.

the new desktop app significantly improves performance 3