The new Doro 8080 takes Android to "active seniors" with 5.7 inches and 2: 1 ratio

by Kelvin
The new Doro 8080 takes Android to "active seniors" with 5.7 inches and 2: 1 ratio

Mobile phones for the elderly tend to be almost always in the background or today, but technology fairs such as the IFA in Berlin allow them to obtain publicity to claim that they exist and that they meet as much or more than other models in circulation Doro is one of the manufacturers They encourage this type of terminals and their latest creation has arrived.

The new Doro 8080 It brings Android to a segment that is rarely attended, which the brand itself calls the "active seniors". A smartphone with all of the law and some interesting features that will seek a place competing against a lot of less smart phones, or against the most aggressive in market price.


5.7 inch 2: 1 with adherent paint

Doro 8080

The Doro 8080 moves, as we have said, Android in its entrails. This smartphone debuts on the market with a 2: 1 5.7-inch screen that aims to achieve a better grip for it. Who was going to tell us some years ago that 5.7 inches they would be considered a compact phone, but current reality dictates that it be so.

An Android of simple construction and with a design designed to facilitate grip

The phone has an aluminum frame and a body with stain protection, in addition to Dragontrail to make it more resistant to falls and scratches. The back paint is adherent, which should facilitate its handling. The Doro 8080 has quite separate buttons to eliminate complications and possible errors of use, and one of them is limited to return us to the main screen with a single press.

"The baby boom generation has a very clear idea of ​​how it wants to participate in the modern spirit and communicate with friends and family without sacrificing the best usability of technological solutions […] With the new Doro 8080 smartphone, we are providing to this group of users a high quality device that meets these requirements, "said Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie, president and CEO of Doro AB.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not provided more features of a phone that, as can be seen in the design, has a rear camera and none in front, in addition to a rear fingerprint reader and a front Home button located under the screen. We will be attentive to the rest of the phone's features for when they are made public.

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