The new Garmin watch is recharged with solar energy with a transparent panel

by Kelvin
The new Garmin watch is recharged with solar energy with a transparent panel

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Garmin has updated its entire range of sports watches with the new Fenix, even more complete models that bring aesthetic novelties in addition to many new features.

The range consists of three models, the Fenix ​​6, the 6S (smaller and simpler) and the 6X (the most complete), and all are available in Sapphire editions with scratch-resistant finishes. But without a doubt, the most striking novelty is solar recharge.


These are not the first clocks capable of increasing autonomy by capturing the sun's rays, of course. The true innovation of Garmin is that it has not installed some panels in a hollow of the clock, or has devised some method to put them behind the screen.

These are the new Garmin Fenix ​​6

No, instead, the integrated solar system is transparent. Garmin calls this technology Power Glass, and as the name implies, at first glance it seems that these watches have a crystal like any other.

Actually, it is a solar recharge lens, which captures the sun's rays and concentrates them to capture and convert that energy. It is necessary to clarify that this technology is only available in the top-of-the-range model, the 6X Pro Solar, but Garmin indicates that it may well be worth it, especially if you are going to throw some time away from an outlet.

Specifically, only the solar energy obtained with the Power Glass is able to increase the battery life by about three days; by itself, the watch is able to last 21 days on a single charge, so we would be talking about 24 days of continuous use and without recharging.

To achieve the longest possible duration, Garmin has also implemented Power Manager in all new models. It is a new energy manager that shows how much battery we have left, calculating it in days and hours, so that we know exactly when we need to recharge the watch. It can also help us to delay that, showing us the functionalities that are consuming the most and allowing us to deactivate them.

Of course, among these functions are the basic ones, such as the heart rate sensor and the pulse oximeter, which allow us to obtain more information about our activities. The watch is capable of displaying performance metrics, including race dynamics and maximum VO2 based on heat and altitude.

In that sense the PacePro function will also be useful, which adapt our pace depending on the terrain; In addition to ClimbPro, which allows us to plan our climbs, with data such as inclination. The watch will know that thanks to the integrated GPS and TopoActive maps, which now also serves to display on the screen the maps of the ski resorts and golf courses we visit. The maps app includes turn-by-turn navigation and will automatically calculate the return route.

The new Garmin Fenix ​​6 starts at € 699.99 for models 6 and 6S; while the 6X costs € 749.99. They are already available for purchase on the official website.

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