The new Google Chrome allows you to send pages to other devices

by Kelvin
The new Google Chrome allows you to send pages to other devices

Google Chrome still on its way to becoming the reference Android browser adopting a new version in the stable app It's not that the huge competition affects you too much since Chrome comes preinstalled on most Android phones, but it is always appreciated that Google does not fall asleep and continue to improve it. As it happens today: you can now download the new application.

The improvements of Google Chrome 77 They are not too many beyond compatibility and polishing errors. One of the most notable is that of dark mode: The browser adopts a more homogeneous interface enabling this mode whenever it is configured in the settings. In addition, we can now send a page directly to another device where we have used Chrome.


With Google Chrome it is much easier to share specific pages between our devices

The new function is not only useful for those who use a multitude of mobiles, tablets and computers, it is also convenient to use: a new icon introduced in the sharing menu enables the shipment selection to the specific device. Just choose «Share»From the menu and, when the bottom popup opens, click on the Chrome icon marked«Send to your devices»(The text does not appear complete). The list will appear for you to send the page you want.

The dark mode has improved dramatically in Google Chrome 77: The interface is much more consistent. The dark gray of the backgrounds is applied to Chrome menus and settings, not the page itself. Although this will change as webmasters also enable dark mode on their web pages.

Chrome 77 has introduced the contact access permission to make it easier to use web applications that need to send information (web mail clients, for example). In addition, the browser has improved the download page, the «Lite» mode or data saving It also improves and other minimal changes are introduced at the development level to make navigation safer and optimal.

You can update your version of Google Chrome to the new stable through Google Play. In case you still don't see the update you can always choose to download the Apk from Apk Mirror.

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