The new Google Pixel Buds 2 is on sale for € 179

by Kelvin
The new Google Pixel Buds 2 is on sale for € 179 1

In 2017, together with the Pixel 2 XL, Google released the first headphone called Pixel Buds. At that time Google began its journey in designing and manufacturing its own hardware, so everything is not right. And, even though they arrived after the AirPods, Pixel Buds were not really wireless (of the True Wireless type), but were using cables that connected them together.

Although the first Pixel Buds weren't bad, they were old, because nowadays all consumers prefer AirPods style headphones. So, during the Pixel 4 launch, Google announced that they would be launching review Pixel Buds with wireless design. This headset, which we'll call Pixel Buds here 2, has just sold out in the official Google store and we show you all the features and prices right away.

New Google Pixel Buds 2 feature

As mentioned above, the new Pixel Buds 2 They are a True Wireless type, as they do not have cable type. They connect to your mobile, tablet or PC via a Bluetooth connection is very stable thanks to the Fast Pair system they use it for that. The design is very similar to the first-generation Pixel Buds: completely round which makes it resemble buttons.


However, they look quite comfortable, as they have three grip points: a small hook or "stabilizer bow", a retaining curve and an adjustable rubber tip. That way, they can adjust and tone your ears without much discomfort. Also, it's important to say that they have small opening so you can hear the sound from the outside without letting it out. Of course, this may not be the best headphones when considering noise cancellations, but it's great for people traveling with their headphones on.

Quality sound for music and calls, no matter what

google pixel shoot 2 voice quality

Google Pixel Buds 2 They have a 12nm drive and use a technology called "adaptive voice," which dynamically reduces headphone volume down or up depending on the amount of sound outside. Next, they have two microphones for each earphone and use acceleration It detects jaw movement to offer excellent audio capture during calls or when speaking voice commands.

Thanks for that the ability to adapt to any situation, The new Pixel Buds 2 They give you the first audio recording and quality of playback.

Autonomy of 5 hours and full integration with Google Assistant

google pixel shoots autonomous 2 and helpers

Regarding autonomy, the battery per ear can last up to 5 hours but their charging charge can provide up to 24 hours more autonomy. This case, which has a great oval shape, can be charged with USB-C cable or with wireless charging. Instead, the integration with Google Assistants is not lost on Pixel Buds 2, which allows users to control their mobile phones without using their hands and even hear the notifications they have.

In addition, their Pixel Buds 2 has other cool features such as real-time translation Google and the Find my device option to find out where they are in the event you lose them.

Price Google Pixel Buds 2

google pixel buds price 2

Currently, Google Pixel Buds 2 They can only be purchased in the United States through the official Google store. Currently, it is available in white and will begin to sell in black, orange and green. The official price is 179 dollars and, when launched in Europe, they will definitely come 179 euros. However, we will confirm it in the coming days when Google announces its launch date in Spain and around the world.

Source | Google Blog

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