The new Harley-Davidson is an electric bike … to learn to ride

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The new Harley-Davidson is an electric bike ... to learn to ride

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When we think of Harley-Davidson, we think of leather-sucked bikers and sunglasses, traveling along Route 66 while playing rock in the background. We do not think precisely about electric bicycles.

However, that is the future of the company; The legendary brand wants to upgrade to the 21st century, and that means leaving aside its loud motors to fully embrace electricity.

That does not imply that Harley-Davidson is going to lose what makes her special, or at least that is her hope. Models like the Livewire are very special, look how you look. But for the company, this is about something more than motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson electric bikes

It is something that has been demonstrated with the new IronE12 and IronE16, two electric bicycles. Indeed, Harley-Davidson joins the fashion of electric bikes, but the truth is that it is an even rarer release than it seems.

Because these bikes are not intended for bikers who want to continue enjoying the Harley style on their short trips, nor is it an attempt to bring the brand to other sectors. In reality, these bicycles are designed to be worn after three years.


The IronE12, specifically, is designed for children between 3 and 5 years old, with its 30 cm wheels and 33 cm height; The IronE16 for its part is the recommended one from 5 to 7 years old, for its 40 cm wheels and 43 cm height.

Both have electric motors with interchangeable batteries, which are capable of offering between 30 and 60 minutes of autonomy, depending on how we treat them; They can also be fully recharged between 30 and 60 minutes.

Harley-Davidson IronE13


The objective of these models is to teach how to ride a bicycle. That children can gain confidence at the controls of a normal bicycle, with the help of the electric motor. It may sound weird, because in the photos no wheels are seen, but it is for a good reason: these bicycles are able to keep in balance by themselves.

The electric motor is also used to keep the bike straight, and that's why the autonomy figures vary so much. The maximum speed of the IronE16 is 17.7 km / h.

This is at least a curious release from Harley-Davidson. The company may be preparing for a future in which it is more associated with electric bikes than with large cubic bikes. The IronE13 will cost $ 649, and the IronE16 will cost $ 699.

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