The new iPhone will have a wider Face ID, reverse wireless charging and dispense with 3D Touch, according to Bloomberg

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The new iPhone will have a wider Face ID, reverse wireless charging and dispense with 3D Touch, according to Bloomberg

September is coming and that means one thing: the 2019 iPhone is just around the corner. The devices have leaked to satiety, especially as far as design is concerned, but now Mark Gurman (Bloomberg), known for advancing developments in the world Apple, has revealed some of the functions that, it seems, we can expect from the new iPhone.

Some of them already "knew" them from the filtered renders, like the new iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max (if they just call themselves that) they will have three lenses in the rear camera and that the successor of the iPhone XR will have two. But according to Gurman there is more, such as reverse wireless charging or a Face ID with greater angle.


Three iPhone, camera improvements and more

Starting with the basics, Gurman states that Apple will launch three iPhone. The "Pro" models will be the successors of the current XS and XS Max, so it is expected that the surname of the XR successor will be removed. The main feature of the two most powerful is the triple camera, whose third sensor it will be a wide angle. Gurman says that this sensor will capture "three photos simultaneously and use new artificial intelligence software to correct the combined photos" and that night photography has been improved.

And speaking of photography, the Bloomberg editor has also mentioned some features for the video. Apparently, new iPhone will be able toAdd tweaks to the clip in real time, cut them or alter the colors. That may be possible thanks to the A13 processor, which Gurman says has an "AMX" coprocessor for heavy tasks.

On the other hand, Gurman claims that the new iPhone they will have reverse wireless charging, something we have already seen in other devices of Huawei or Samsung. However, it is curious that it only mentions that it will be used to charge the AirPods when they are placed on top of the iPhone, so it remains in the air if we can charge other devices.

Iphone xr The successor of the iPhone XR will have two rear cameras.

We start talking about the screens, and the editor says that the three iPhone will have OLED screens and dispense with 3D Touch, a feature that we have been seeing for a long time and that was eliminated in the iPhone XR. Instead, Apple opt for Haptic Touch, whose operation is the same only using long presses (and not deep). As in Android, basically.

Gurman points out that the two most advanced iPhone will be "almost identical to the current front models and will present full size screens", that is, the 5.8 inches of the iPhone XS and the 6.5 inches of the iPhone XS Max. Apparently, Apple It has implemented a new matte color and improved water resistance so they can be submerged for longer.

According to Gurman, the new Face ID will have a wider angle to detect our face from more complicated positions

We keep talking about Face ID, which also seems to receive a substantial improvement. Gurman states that Apple there would be extended sensor angle, so it would not be necessary to pick up the phone as straight ahead as it has been until now. In the words of the editor, "the phones will include a new multi-angle Face ID sensor that captures a wider field of view so users can unlock phones more easily, even when the devices are on a table."

And we finish with him 5G. Much has been said about the iPhone with 5G, and Bloomberg picks up that it will not be this year when we will see them. It will be the next one, possibly taking advantage of the maturity of 5G NSA networks and the arrival of 5G SA. Be that as it may, at the moment they are only rumors and leaks, so it's time to wait until September so that the Cupertino go on stage and show them to the public.

Via | Bloomberg

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