And we say "at last" because Google has been playing with the design of its app store and our Android phones throughout the summer. Something that many of the users of these mobiles have been able to verify when going through Google Play Store to try to update some of its applications or download a new game. An aspect that has varied between large cards and a very minimalist design for weeks. Now Google officially announces its arrival, and we expect all users start seeing it without further changes in the short term.


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We talk about the design Material Design. A stylistic concept that Google has been developing for years now, always in favor of the purest and simplest minimalism. That is, remove all superfluous so that the contents are displayed as is on a white background. No stripes No buttons Without so many colors. Something that the user may like or not, but looking for the best user experience and the most attractive and clean appearance. Concept that is being renewed every year, with more or less notable changes in different applications and services to keep the Android environment alive. And finally it's up to Google Play Store.

Google Play Store  Material Design

Users more concerned about the appearance of their Android mobile may have noticed how Google has gone testing this Material Design of Google Play Store eventually. That is, they have activated and deactivated it (returning to the previous design) up to two times. Something that has caused more confusion than surprise and improved experience. Now his blog for developers confirms the official arrival. So we hope that there is no further step back in this decision.

And what do we find in this new Material Design version of Google Play Store? Well a predominant white. Forget the colors that helped you separate the applications from games, movies and books. Now everything is white, with more rounded corner icons than ever. Of course, the search engine box remains at the top, predominantly to quickly find what we are looking for. However, the sections of Google Play Store They pass to the bottom like a navigation bar. But without color, marked with icons and labels. The climax of minimalism, without even lines or fillets that separate application collections.

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