The new Microsoft Edge hides the classic DOS video game


Google is not the only company that likes games Easter eggs in the application and its services. Today Microsoft has taken the same path and announced the availability of a version inspired by the classic SkiFree, a game that appeared in 1991 for DOS and now can be enjoyed in Edge browser.

The company has polished the games it uses as part of the campaign. reveal a new chrome based border in 2019 and has made it available for everyone to enjoy. Unlike SkiFree, the updated version replaces snow with water and allows us to navigate avoiding obstacles and other marine dangers.


The game has three game modes: let's surf, zig Zag and time trial. The first is like a classic game. unlimited operation allows us move around the stage when ramps are used and we avoid the mystic Kraken making it jammed with obstacles.

Get in zig Zag we must cross the specified area on the circuit, while the time trial tests our skills while collecting coins and trying to reach the end in the shortest time possible.

All three can be completed with the help of tkeyboard, mouse, touch screen or Xbox One controller. For additional information, a leadership chart is included to record our best times. The game completely disconnected so you can use it to spend time when you don't have internet.

Currently this new game sonly available in the Canary Islands and developer versions Edge. If you want to try it, you must download one of them and enter edge: // surf / in the address bar If not, we should wait for the spread on the stable client after it leaves the testing phase.

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