The new name of the iPhone 11

by Kelvin
The new name of the iPhone 11

The new name of the iPhone 11 will be confirmed by Apple the day of the keynote of September 2019 but there are indications that reveal what that name may be.

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The next keynote for sure it will take place between the first or second week of September and will show the new products of Apple for Q4 of 2019 (Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPads * and the new iPhones) will also announce the departure of iOS 13 but everything points to the new iPhone in this case the iPhone 11 or maybe Xi rename.

According to the account of Twitter CoinX The new name of the iPhone 11 will be the one that iPads already use and is β€œPro” so if the CoinX information is true the new iPhone 11 will be called iPhone 11 Pro.

The new name of the iPhone 11

CoinX has prestige and credibility on the part of the readers since before the keynote of 2018 posted in your account Twitter on September 3, 2018 the names of the iPhones of 2018 and the removal of the audio jack of the iPad Pro that same year.

The new name of the iPhone 11

In this September 2019 Keynote It is expected that Apple launch three new iPhones just as it happened last year with the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr or what would be equal to the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch high-end OLED model and a 6.1-inch low-end LCD model.

It is not known if MAX will continue to be used to differentiate the size of OLEd models and if R (Xr) will be added in the low range but what is certain is that the new name of the iPhone 11 will be iPhone Pro.

So far the rumored features includes rear camera with triple lens For high-end models, larger batteries, bidirectional AirPods charging, 6 gbs of ram and much more.

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