The new practical video becomes closer and personal with the filtered iPhone 11 designs of Apple

by Kelvin
Sebastian Jimenez

If the recent rumors turn out to be correct and Apple You are really renewing your iPhone name scheme in 2019, the new names that Apple He chose are questionable at best. At the same time, this will finally be the right system for your iPhone names. The "iPhone 11" will be the update of the current iPhone XR of Apple, according to reports, and that makes perfect sense. The iPhone XR is the most affordable iPhone model, and is the main phone that most customers buy from Apple. According to estimates, the iPhone XR has been the iPhone model of the current best-selling generation since its launch.

Along with the new iPhone, there will apparently be two "Pro" models called iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Obviously not a big deal, but I hate these names. There is nothing "professional" in any of the iPhones of Apple, in the same way that there is nothing "professional" in the iPad Pro models of Apple. They are not professional level, they are intended for consumers. But hey words mean nothing anyway when it comes to the marketing of Apple. And "iPhone 11 Pro Max"? Really? Isn't "Promax" a protein bar or something? Sheesh

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Whether the iPhone 2019 line of Apple I ended up being named iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, we know that there are in fact three new iPhone models this year. We also know even more about them now than a few days ago thanks to a great leak that included several surprising new revelations. However, read about the iPhone 11 line of Apple It's one thing, and seeing it is another. That's why fans of Apple everywhere you should definitely watch a new video that has just come to YouTube.

We have no idea who "world tube" is, but a reader alerted us to a new video that he just published on his channel YouTube.

Now, the iPhones shown in the video below and the screenshot above are not really iPhones. Instead, they are physical models based on schemes that were stolen from the Foxconn factory where the new iPhone 11 models of Apple. While they are not really iPhones, they give us a very good idea of ​​what to expect from the new iPhone line of Apple when it launches next month. They are designed to scale in real metal and glass, so we can see how each new iPhone model compares with others. More or less.

If you have been following the latest rumors of the iPhone 11, you can see that some big mistakes were made when these dummies of the iPhone 11 were built. First, the area between the lenses of the new dual and triple lens rear cameras must match the color on the back of the phones, not black. This is a new design feature that Apple will present for the first time in 2019. In addition, the back of each iPhone 11 model will supposedly no longer include the word "iPhone", and the glass will be frosted or matte instead of transparent. This is also a big change compared to previous iPhone models. The first time we heard the news was that the well-known connoisseur of Apple Ming-Chi Kuo reported it last year, and reaffirmed in two major leaks yesterday and today.

Even with those mistakes, this quick video is still a watch worthwhile for fans of Apple Eager to see how the iPhone 11 (Space Gray), iPhone 11 Pro (Silver) and iPhone 11 Pro Max (Gold) will compare. You will find the full video embedded below.

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