the new technology for mobile cameras

by Kelvin
Lentes líquidas: la nueva tecnología para las cámaras móviles

The photographic systems They are shown as one of the most prominent components of today's mobile phones. Many are the brands that have invested heavily in a photographic enhancement That is already paying off in the market. We live in a society where social networks will end much of our time and where Photographs are getting more perfect. There are cameras for users that live up to the circumstances, a component that is now crucial for customers when buying a mobile phone. Therefore, the big brands are already investigating with other technologies.

This time we talk about liquid lenses as one of the new ways of manufacturing mobile photographic systems, a technology based on offering a kind of fixed zoom accompanied by the best possible image quality. It is a completely new technology that could be a reality in the next high-end as Samsung Galaxy S11 We tell you all the details.


The photographic technology of the future

Today, we can see 5x zoom in very few terminals of the market. A cutting-edge technology that we have been able to enjoy in terminals such as the OPPO Reno Zoom 10X or the P30 Pro. However, everything could change in a few months thanks to a new camera technology that is called "Liquid lenses". We are talking about a new system that could increase zoom levels even further, thus providing greater versatility to the photographic system.

Since Varioptic They have been working for a long time on a new technology based on liquid lenses that would be about to reach the high range of smartphones. At present, the lenses are made of glass, so the focal length is limited to the radius of curvature. However, with liquid lenses there will be a wider range to modify the focal length much faster. It should be borne in mind that this procedure would be carried out in a matter of hundredths due to the action of these new materials. The only current problem with this type of technology lies in a major worsening of image quality. That is why the development of this type of lens in the Galaxy S11 can be a significant improvement in that aspect.

the new technology for mobile cameras 2

On the other hand, the latest leaks confirm that some manufacturers such as Samsung are already experimenting with the fusion of traditional and liquid lenses to form a completely different camera than what we had seen so far. We will see what happens in the future.

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