The new trailer of HITMAN 2

by Kelvin
The new trailer of HITMAN 2

The new HITMAN trailer 2 shows the tropical (and lethal) beaches of Paradise Island (Maldives), the new open location available on September 24 for Expansion Pass owners.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have released a new trailer for HITMANÔ 2, which shows the Paradise Island (Maldives), a new open world location that will take players to a luxurious resort on the coast of India, which is said to be the most popular destination for wealthy criminals to rebuild their reputations and identities.


Paradisiac island, which will be available on September 24 for the owners of the Expansion Pass, begins directly after the mission events at the Milton-Fitzpatrick investment bank in New York. Agent 47 must now travel to the luxury resort under a false identity and assume the role of visitor. When it infiltrates, 47 must locate and eliminate three objectives: Ljudmila Vetrova, ex-scammer and visible head of Paradise Island; Tyson Williams, founder and executive director of the island, and Steven Bradley, technology wizard and the brain behind the creation of proprietary software on Paradise Island.

We leave you the official launch trailer for the Paradise Island location of HITMAN 2.

The video has already been uploaded. When it has been completely processed, you can see it here:

In Paradisiac island you can explore a complete tropical luxury resort, with opportunities and secrets hidden behind each corner, in addition to 20 levels of expertise, five new unlockable items, new achievements and trophies and an unlockable suit. The models of the winners of last year's HITMAN Sniper Assassin contest will also appear in this location.

He Expansion Pass HITMAN 2 It is available for € 39.99. He Expansion Pass It is also included as part of the Gold Edition of HITMAN 2. It includes the locations Paradise Island (Maldives) and New York (N.Y./US), new maps of Snipper Assassins, challenges, missions, outfits, weapons and much more, all for € 99.95.

HITMAN ™ 2 It is the continuation of the internationally successful video game HITMAN. With new locations, hyper-detailed and full of dynamic environments to explore, HITMAN ™ 2 It offers players the freedom to plan the ultimate murder using a wide variety of tools, weapons, costumes and a repertoire of stealth techniques to creatively activate their own chain of events.

HITMAN ™ 2 introduces new ways to play with the Sniper Assassin mode, an independent mode that brings the cooperative experience to the series for the first time Hitman ™, which allows two players to cooperate online to end their goals. HITMAN ™ 2 it will also innovate in competitive multiplayer 1-on-1 mode with the Ghost Mode. Players can definitely test their ability to kill by competing online, both controlling Agent 47, to liquidate as many targets faster and more efficiently than the opponent. To complete the mission they can use weapons, objects, outfits and supplies of ghostly boxes.

HITMAN 2 Now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X and PC.

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