The new update of Twitter changed the image of the social network

by Kelvin
The new update of Twitter changed the image of the social network

Twitter surprised its users with a renewal of its website and the incorporation of new tools.

The new update of Twitter changed the image of the social network 1

Twitter is in the quest to capture the attention of new users and get back to the podium of social networks. That is why he made the decision to completely renew the appearance of his website.


In this new version the objective is to make the experience of its users agile and dynamic, giving them greater ease in the use of their favorite tools.

“Before launching the redesign, we heard comments from users of Twitter from all over the world, including those in Latin America, to understand what their favorite functions were and those that deserved to have more prominence. More than a visual change, the new brings efficiency, which allows us to offer a more personalized, fast and conversational experience for people, ”said Patrick Traughber, senior product manager at Twitter.

One of the main modifications is the development of a browser side space in which you can see saved items, lists and your profile.

The popular MDs will now have a greater place when they are opened, achieving a better comfort when writing.

In recent times Twtter offered its users the ability to customize the appearance of their social network. Now in addition to the themes Light Night and Dark Night of the Dark Mode, new design options will be added.

The social network created a new function to be able to follow the published topics that are of your main interest. You can choose which one to follow and in this way they appear on your timeline and find them easier.

These news are available on the website and it is expected that in the next updates of Android and IOS, mobile users can obtain them.

Attention: this way you can activate the super dark mode of Twitter

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