The new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 won't arrive until later this year, according to CEO Huami

by Kelvin
The new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 won't arrive until later this year, according to CEO Huami 1

Outside of them smartphonesXiaomi has one of the most wanted and sold devices in the world. We're talking about the Mi Band, a series of smart bracelets that will never accept a new one Xiaomi Mi Band 5 until the end of the year.

This was dropped by CEO Huami, the current producer of the four-generation Xiaomi Mi Band. According to the manager, The new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be unveiled at the end of the year, slows its launch beyond what we all imagine.


Taking into account the launch speed that Xiaomi has in 2020 and the various leaks it has made about its features Xiaomi Mi Band 5, it's surprising that in the middle of summer we can't afford it.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 design possibilities.

Don't forget that Xiaomi Mi Band 4 It was released in early June 2019, a not-so-distant date that seems to be delayed for almost half a year.

What we know about Xiaomi Mi Band 5: features, pricing possibilities and release dates

In the words of Huami CEO Xiaomi Mi Band the new true 5 will come around the end of 2020, it may take several weeks or even months to reach the Global market. However, we are confident that in the summer, at least, we will be seeing a new Xiaomi bracelet.

In addition, among its features, the Xiaomi Mi Band is expected to get 5 completely modified designs, incorporates a larger screen. This in turn will see the frame reduced, resulting in greater surface use.

For the rest, the Mi Band is expected to 5 or My Smart Line 5 has some features similar to the current Mi Band 4, namely, color screen, heart sensor and recognition of a large number of sports activities.

If so, according to most rumors, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 could be The first Xiaomi smart bracelet to reach the Global market with NFC, allows us to make payments thanks to the inclusion of Google Services and the payment method, Google Pay.

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