The New York subway takes steps to prevent the loss of AirPods

by Kelvin

The Airpods they can be a blessing for those who want to get rid of the cables, although their design usually plays against Some users who lose them while traveling through the city. This situation is evident in the New York subway, where the authorities plan to issue a warning not to use them.

A newspaper report The Wall Street Journal details that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) constantly receives requests from users for rescue AirPods that fall to the tracks. MTA employees use a special tool that allows them to capture the headset, although The task is not simple.


According to Steven Dluginski, maintenance supervisor for the New York subway, the AirPods are difficult to recover since they are small and fall in dark areas of the road. The number of lost headphones tends to increase when a new release is made or on December dates. Also in summer, since sweat and moisture tend to be released from the ear.

The New York subway takes steps to prevent the loss of AirPods 3

At least one third of the requests to recover objects on the tracks have to do with AirPods. This has forced the MTA authorities to issue an advert for people refrain from putting on or taking off your headphones when entering or leaving trains. With this measure they also want users to avoid trying to rescue AirPods on their own, as it is not only a dangerous task, but also generates train delays.

Apple presented the second generation of AirPods in March, an expected renewal that includes the H1 chip that improves the synchronization and autonomy of the headphones, as well as the inclusion of Hey Siri to invoke the voice assistant without using your hands.

Tim Cook says that AirPods are a cultural phenomenon and they are increasingly omnipresent among the people who walk the streets. The high demand for headphones has forced the company to work in forced marches in recent months.