The next event on Apple Watch and the new MacBook Air could be on February 24

by Kelvin

Apple could introduce the new MacBook Air in February and will give details about the Apple Watch

The next keynote of Apple, according to sources of trust, could be carried out at the end of this month of February 2015, to be more exact, this event could be held on Tuesday 24. During that event, the boys of the Californian firm should Take the opportunity to present the new and rumored 12-inch MacBook Air and in addition, they could also take advantage of the moment to provide more information related to the expected Apple Watch.

The next event on Apple Watch and the new MacBook Air could be on February 24 4

During the Keynote of February 24 we could know release date, price and other details of the Apple Watch

The source of this news is the French iGen website, which was the first to announce the probable date chosen by Apple for this alleged new event. During this Keynote the new MacBook Air model with a 12-inch screen should be presented for the first time and the release date of the Apple Watch.


The new ultra-portable notebook of the boys of Cupertino will be characterized mainly by a new ultra-subtle design, which may not have fans for computer cooling and will also have a renewed trackpad. This device should also include a new reversible USB Type-C connector and, in addition, it should also have a processor that will be characterized by its low power consumption.

Learn more about the Apple Watch, Here.

Among other things, The Californian company could take more advantage of this event by giving some information on what will be the new smart watch of Apple, the Apple Watch, such information could include prices, battery life and the official launch date.

The next event on Apple Watch and the new MacBook Air could be on February 24 5

Apple could present some applications for the Apple Watch in the February Keynote

According to the latest information, Apple I could have asked some developers to finish their work on the applications that will be destined to Apple Watch before the middle of the month February and it is very likely that those applications for the Apple Watch be shown during the February 24 Keynote.

Of course, there will still be at least a week before you can confirm if Apple will really hold its new event on February 24, 2015 and if true, it will not be until the day of the rumored event when we can confirm the rumors about the Apple Watch and the 12-inch MacBook Air.

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