The next Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available worldwide

by Kelvin
El Samsung Galaxy Fold podría llegar en pocos días

After many months of waiting, finally Samsung Galaxy Fold It reaches the market. If everything goes according to plan, the day after tomorrow will be available for purchase in the United States. Yesterday we were talking about this phone, because the change of its screen would be quite cheap for the first buyers of the terminal. We have also talked about the tips to take maximum care of this phone. As well, today we have to talk about who will be his successor.

In Pro Android we have already talked to you about the next Samsung folding phone. The first rumors pointed to a cheaper terminal, with shell design. Subsequently, we knew that his name would be Samsung Galaxy W20 and that would effectively have that format. As well, Today we have details regarding its distribution.


Samsung's next folding will be easier to buy

Samsung Galaxy Fold It is a very exclusive phone. Not only because of its price, but also because it is not for sale in all countries and, in addition, Samsung “forces you” to physically pick it up in a store, where you can learn to use it before taking it home. It may also be that the brand wants to save problems that may arise with phone shipments. As well, Samsung's next folding phone will be more accessible for everyone and also, for various aspects.

The first is that this new folding, assuming it is the Samsung Galaxy W20, will be priced lower than Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung has already demonstrated what it is capable of and now It is time to start bringing this type of terminals to more public. In addition, it seems that its distribution will be done globally, so it will reach many more countries, thus also facilitating the implementation of folding phones in today's market.

This also shows us an increase in manufacturing productivity by Samsung. They have never talked about exact numbers, but the Samsung Galaxy Fold It does not reach even one million manufactured units (and probably not half a million). They may seem many, but the demand for this terminal, despite its failures, is still very high. If these rumors are confirmed, Samsung's next foldable phone may be the one that introduces the foldable smartphone format in a market where the current priority is to reduce screen frames to the maximum.

Source | Sammobile

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