The next State of Play would reveal the release date of The Last of Us II

by Kelvin
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The day of the rumors related to Sony is today, and it is that the same day that rumors arose from the possible presentation of PlayStation 5 for February 2020, also rumors arose about another Sony event, specifically the third episode of State of Play that so far has had somewhat disappointing performances.

In this presentation we could see more of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, a multiplatform game; Death Stranding, the long-awaited Kojima title exclusive to PS4 for now and The Last os Us II, the sequel to NaughtyDog that we haven't known about for almost two years.


The next State of Play would reveal the release date of The Last of Us II 2

Space for games

The presence of the Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts title seems like a way to get most to buy the title for the Sony console and not on the other two platforms available. That of Death Stranding as a final advertising push before its launch with a trailer that finally clarifies something or shows us gameplay, since we must remember that not everyone is willing to blindly buy a game of Kojima.

Finally, the presence of The Last of Us II can only indicate that they will finally reveal a release date for the story of Ellie and company, we have already seen a couple of trailers that look amazing and that do not seem to be running on a PlayStation 4. However, time passes and we still don't know the specific launch date. This State of Play is expected to finally clarify this. If he does, it would probably become his best episode so far.

The first State of Play focused on exclusive games with VR support and the second one on better-known but third-party titles, maybe the third one is the charm for Sony that has to necessarily come with its heavy artillery to end the cycle of its console .

Meanwhile, Ghost of Tsushima would not be part of the presentation because it is simply not ready yet, the same rumor suggests that there is a possibility that the game will go to PlayStation 5 directly. This State of Play would arrive in the first days of November, shortly before the release of Death Stranding and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

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