The next version of Android could finally have a dark theme

by admin-kervin
The next version of Android could finally have a dark theme 1

Programmers, night owls, and dark rulers have been asking for dark themes system-wide on Android ever since, and it seems Google is finally listening.

Android Q, which is currently in its early stages, has a default dark theme, and some cool new features, according to XDA Developers.

According to the report, the initial variant of Android Q managed by XDA running on Google Pixels 3 XL has a "fully functional dark mode system-wide", which can be activated in the Display Settings by selecting "Set Dark Mode". On, switch all menus on Android to a fun white-on-gray-surface-color text scheme.

This includes Settings, Launcher, Files, Volume Dashboard, and third-party notifications (note that some Google apps like YouTube, it already has a dark theme). There also seems to be an option that seems to enable dark mode for apps that don't have this option, making almost everything dark (in fact Facebook, despite the fact that certain applications do not respond very well to this and are seen sideways in certain places).

This is the "dark theme" seen in Huawei 20 Companion Android Q's idea of ​​a dark theme is a bit lighter.

Image: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

Some Android manufacturers have their own versions, for example Huawei Mate 20 Pro has a similar feature, and I like it. And even if you don't mind images, keep in mind that dark mode saves battery power, since it takes much less light to display dark gray than white on the LCD screen.

Other new features seen in Android Q include limiting certain permissions, such as location, to work only when using the app, as well as desktop mode, it can be similar to Samsung DeX.

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Android Q is still in its infancy and it is very likely that some (or all) of these features will not make it to the final version, but I will keep saying that they are.

For a detailed description of the new features in Android Q, check out the XDA post here.

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