The night mode of Instagram already underway

by Kelvin
The night mode of Instagram already underway

The night mode of Instagram already underway 2

Instagram It is one of the simplest apps you can have on your smartphone. Photos, comments, likes, followers and everything you can do with a simple scroll of your finger. It is probably one of the apps that cause us to spend an hour a day touching the screen display, but as we tell you, it seems that this has no fun. The truth is that this depends on the tastes, but now you can spend more time thanks to night mode of Instagram.

Night mode on the way to Instagram

At Menlo Park's house they are working hard to make users feel more comfortable when using their apps. This not only consists in offering more and better functions, but also in making the application more useful and simple to use. But in this sense, how can you improve an application that is based on pressing and scrolling the screen? It seems that there is nothing simpler than that, but the truth is that there are still things to show.


instagram night mode

One of them is the new night mode of Instagram. The well-known function that comes standard in the different operating systems also has to reach the applications and everything points to the photographic app of Facebook He is also working on his as we see at the top of this paragraph.

The new function is in the beta phase according to account 9ToGoogle, where it seems they have already been able to try it. all this will come in the version where you can check that all the functions of the app are black in the background. The exploration part, the searches, the profile, the favorites section … all this will have a black background with which you can navigate while the letters will be white.

As a curiosity, Android users have been the first to receive this new feature, so we are likely to see this new feature on Google phones much earlier. As we have told you on some occasion, this mode will help you improve screen performance in case you have an OLED display on your terminal.

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