The Nokia 3310 Found 20 Years Later

by Kelvin
The Nokia 3310 Found 20 Years Later

In journalism, it is seen that it is very important to give truths continuously. Nevertheless Some news institutions it produces content for more satirical purposes and has great success in this regard. However, some organizations can take such satirical news seriously.

A UK-based news website recently Nokia 3310 had published a very interesting news about. According to this news, 20 years later, the Nokia 3310 cell phone and 70% of the battery is seen. Research has revealed that this news is completely false.

20 years later found the Nokia 3310 news taken seriously

It is very natural that such satirical sites exist and such organizations say that they have not written the truth in the first place. But this website the establishment those who took the news seriously took the spotlight on journalism.


The Nokia 3310 Found 20 Years Later 2

The sites that published news that could only attract too many clicks used this news on their web portals as well. In addition, this website called Chesterbungle used so many exaggerated phrases that the Nokia 3310 battery could light up the whole city. Of course, this was a complete lie.

Nokia 3310 battery Although it has 1000 mAh power, it is not suitable for 20 years. The batteries of all mobile phones start to rot spontaneously after a certain time. So how do you think it is right to use the news site on other sites as well as the shares? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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