The Nokia 9 PureView with five cameras in the DxOMark does not excel

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nokia 9 pureview

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Nokia 9 PureView was introduced in February this year as the best-equipped smartphone from HMD Global. Much attention was directed to her cameras, the number of which surpassed all competition.

Five active cameras carry the ZEISS logo and use Light technologies to process image information using advanced computational models to enhance photo quality.

From the photo capabilities of your smartphone Nokia 9 PureView much was expected, but early reviews have shown that the camera lags behind flag competition in some respects. Certainly not taking bad photos, but due to the number of lenses and their technological background, but they could photograph cameras better.

This is confirmed by a ranking of experts from DxOMark, who finally checked the cameras of Nokia 9 PureView. Resulting combined assessment 85 points put this smartphone in the chart for a three year old smartphone iPhone 7 or sister Nokia 8 Sirocco, which gained only one point less.

Nokia 9 PureView "width =" 1127 "height =" 514 "srcset =" 1127w, https: //www.techbyte. it / wp-content / uploads / 2019/09 / dxomark-768x350.jpg 768w, https: // 696w, https: // 1068w, 921w, 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 1127px) 100vw, 1127pxPhoto: DxOMark

Nokia 9 PureView but she was surprised in some ways. Great is auto focus or very accurate and natural bookeh, that is, blur the background behind the subject of photography, e.g. in portraits. Image stabilization also took praise, but is only available with FHD video 4K recording is not stabilized.


Criticism has been directed towards limited image zooming capabilities, unstable exposure and white balance, especially when shooting with flash, or inaccurate color rendering. The video has limited dynamic range, poor detail, or visibly inconsistent sharpness between video frames.

The potential of Nokia's five cameras is definitely not exhausted. By the end of the year, we should get to know the updated Nokia 9.1 PureView, which should remedy shortcomings not only in the field of cameras.

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