The OnePlus 7T already has a release date

by Kelvin
Oneplus 7T

The release of new phones to the market does not stop today. Now there is news about the launch of the OnePlus 7T, the Chinese manufacturer already has everything ready for release the new smartphone very soon.

If you are thinking about changing phones, this may be great news for you, OnePlus has always offered terminals with a great value for money. Then, we will give all the details of the long awaited release.


The OnePlus 7T is getting closer, little is missing

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The entire user community is very animated with the output of the OnePlus 7T. This is because The 7 Pro has stood out for being an excellent mobile It has great performance.

Now, it is expected that the OnePlus 7T does not incorporate major changes because the 7 Pro already has an innovative design that stands out for an all-screen front, a pop-up camera and very thin frames. 7T differences could be found in the specifications of the mobile. For example, it could come with a renewed camera capable of offering better results.

When will 7T leave?

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The release date will be October 15, only two months left for the big day. The person in charge of the news has been Max J. This user is characterized by exposing leaks that are quite reliable, also revealed the departure date of the OnePlus 7.

Finally, mobile specifications are not yet known. Although the entire user community expects the OnePlus 7T Pro to arrive with wireless charging, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor and, perhaps, an improvement in the cameras and device battery section.

For now there is only waiting, but the truth is that in the next few days more news about 7T will be released. So your official specifications could be revealed at any time.

Source | Max J.

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