The Pixel 4 poses live to display its screen and cameras

by Kelvin
The Pixel 4 poses live to display its screen and cameras

Pixel 4: a very rounded screen

These real photographs of the phone arrive through Mishaal Rahman, Chief Editor of XDA-Developers, who decided to publish them in his account Twitter after receiving them through a small private group of unknown origin. The source is reliable, although he has denied any information about the origin of the images (obviously by saving the skin of the person who owned the phone).


In them we can see a Pixel 4 of black color, and on whose screen we appreciate quite rounded corners. We could say that the curve is wider than in Pixel 3, something that would take less advantage of the corners and that as you can see, it takes the icons of the notification bar to a somewhat strange place. This bad position (the battery icon and the name of the operator are too close to the edge) could be due to a simple bad adjustment of the version of the system that is currently installed, probably configured for a Pixel 3. Be that as it may, we didn't like that corner curvature detail too much.

The image also serves to see that Android 10 is installed (the bottom bar betrays it) and that it could even have unlocked the device with facial recognition, since the screen lock appears unlocked and the index finger seems to be on the side ( Obviously, since there is no rear fingerprint reader as you can see below).

The cameras of Pixel 4

Pixel 4 real

The second image lets us see the back of the device, and that's where we finally see the rear cameras. Unfortunately there is not much information that we can extract from here, although it does seem that it is finally confirmed that there will be two cameras and not three, since the top hole seems to be finally a sensor. Rumors suggest that they will be sensors of 12 and 16 megapixels, the second being a telephoto camera with a zoom for now to be confirmed. We also see how the fingerprint sensor disappears completely, so that the previous image would be showing facial unlocking.

On an aesthetic level, the glass back has lost that double tone finish, now presenting a bright finish on the entire surface. We can also see how the power button has a color that contrasts with the rest of the body, and how the volume buttons remain in the same place as always.

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