The possible 9.99 euros per month of Apple TV + compared to the prices of other services

by Kelvin
The possible 9.99 euros per month of Apple TV + compared to the prices of other services

For now, the latest rumors about the streaming service Apple TV + They talk about a launch in November and a price of $ 9.99 / euros per month. Given this, analysts have also put predictions on the table, believing that the service will amass 12 million subscriptions in one year and 21 million in two.

But beyond these predictions, something sure is that Apple TV + will have to sweat to win each and every one of its subscribers. If we assume that the service will cost $ 9.99 / euros per month, it is worth seeing against what other subscriptions will you have to compete face to face In an autumn that promises to be intense.


Apple TV + against old and new streaming champions

Netflix drop

If we do not tell all the news that we will have in the coming months, Apple TV + would already appear on a market with a lot of powerful competition. We have of course Netflix, whose most popular individual subscription costs 11.99 euros per month. Then we have HBO and its 7.99 euros per month, Prime Video for 36 euros per year (it comes out at 3 euros per month and includes the Prime service for our purchases).

And that is only the main thing: our Xataka colleagues collect other less popular services but also offered in Spain along with their prices. Movistar + for 8 euros per month, Sky for 6.99 euros per month or Rakuten for 6.99 euros per month.


But as I said before, I'm just telling what already exists. And before the end of 2019 we will have much more raw competitors: Disney + It will appear for $ 6.99 per month (or for $ 12.99 per month if we link it to Hulu and ESPN content in the United States). We must also tell HBO Max, a much more complete new catalog of HBO that will soon arrive in the United States. They will be new services, yes, but behind them there are veteran and experienced companies.

9.99 euros per month stays on average between cheaper catalogs and more expensive subscriptions such as Netflix

With those supposed $ 9.99 / euros per month, Apple TV + would stay on average among the cheapest prices of the catalogs of Amazon or Disney + and the most expensive options of Netflix or other packs. Does that mean the price is right? Well it depends, because we should see the catalog that offers us Apple in exchange for that money. There will of course be original and exclusive series of Apple (I'm dying to see the adaptation of Fundación), but that will have to be supported by more quality movies and series. Y Apple It is difficult when powerful content such as Friends is already "trafficked" among other streaming services for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Thus, Apple TV + will grow it will have a hard time growing. It will appear with very attractive content, but in a world where consumers already begin to be selective with subscription services each subscriber will cost their effort. Luckily, in Cupertino they have hundreds of billions of dollars in cash to be able to fight the rest of the catalogs by check. We will see how they do.

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