The Red Strike Pack of Fortnite Already on sale

by Kelvin
La guía del gamer.

Epic Games has already put on sale the “Starter Pack” of the season of Fortnite, only this time they have decided to give it a different name, the Red Strike Pack. That said, it is a pack that fulfills the same functions and costs the same, so maybe this is just the beginning of a new era with starter packs with individual names.

These packs are always aimed at novice players, every season the starter pack is renewed so that novice players can acquire money from the game and a decent skin when they start playing. However, it is a pack that any player can take advantage of and is even recommended because you get money from the game for less real money and with a couple of cosmetic objects.


Good buy to start

For obvious reasons, you can only buy this type of packs once and the Red Strike Pack is the same in this regard, that is why we told you that it fulfills the same functions as a Starter Pack. To buy it we will need to download the game and enter its store, there we will see that Red Strike Pack is now part of the featured products of the week, we have until December to get it before it is replaced by a new one.

The Red Strike Pack of Fortnite Already on sale 2

The Red Strike Pack includes 600 V-Bucks, the Epic Red Strike skin and the Epic Bladed Bag for only $ 5. If we take into account that 1000 V-Bucks usually cost 10 dollars, this pack gives you more V-Bucks for every dollar you pay and also a couple of objects, so it's not bad. Now, this pack does not include any type of alternative playable challenges to get more skins or variations of colors as it happens with the passes you battle, it is only what you see in the image.

The only thing different from this season's pack is that these are usually thematic of the season in question, and if we take into account that this is about indestructible mekas, then we can see that Epic Games has decided to take a different path with these packs.

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