The Redmi Note 8 Pro shows its four rear cameras in filtered images

by Kelvin
The Redmi Note 8 Pro shows its four rear cameras in filtered images

On August 29 we have an appointment with Redmi to meet its two new terminals. In an event to be held in China, the Xiaomi brand will give birth to the Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro, two models of which we know more and more details. Without going any further, the last thing we have known about the "greatest" of them is that it will have liquid cooling to accompany its 'gaming' processor signed by MediaTek.

Now we know a couple more things. The first is that Redmi has reached an agreement with World of Warcraft for the promotion of devices, or rather with Blizzard. The second is that we have on the table those who, in the absence of official confirmation, they would be the official renders for the promotional company of the device. And here we can see the rear in all its splendor and in emerald green, sporting its four rear cameras.


Four cameras, one 64 megapixel

Redmi Note 8 Pro

The two phones are quite expected for various reasons, although perhaps the main one is because they will carry, both in theory, a 64 megapixel sensor on the back. One of the latest sensors from Samsung, in the absence of Sony saying this figure with its Exmor. But it will not be the only camera they will carry and in these renders it can be seen that at least the Redmi Note 8 Pro would arrive with four cameras located behind the phone.

According to some previous rumors, that of 64 megapixels It would be the main sensor of Redmi's future phone, but there would be at least three more. One of 8 megapixels with wide angle lens, another of 5 megapixels for depth readings and a fourth sensor 2 megapixels for macro photography. A configuration that sounds to us, because Huawei uses it in some of its last average ranges. The compatriot of Xiaomi is, in fact, responsible for the arrival of macro sensors in the world of mobile phones.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

In the renders you can see a triple configuration located in the central part of the phone, in an upright position, and the unmistakable mark of the 64 megapixel sensor in the text that accompanies the trio. Also, we have the flash on the right side and a fourth sensor, we assume that the 2 megapixel given the size of the lens. In addition to this we would have the fingerprint reader at the bottom of the camera, so it seems that we will not have it embedded in the screen.

Four cameras on the back, Helio G90T processor, liquid cooling …

We also filtered an image of the front while someone holds it with both hands, in the position where we would take it to play some games. It can be seen in the image that focus on connectivity, so we would talk about an optimized position of the antenna to be able to have WiFi and 4G without interruptions during the games. We will see what this consists of when the phone shows up, but it seems like one more example that we would be facing a 'gaming' phone.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

Other features expected for this phone are the internal battery, of 4,500 mAh with fast charge, and at least 128GB of internal storage in some of its variants, but in the base model of the brand as it is the 'Pro'. As we have said, we are waiting for you on August 29 and the date is just around the corner. There is little left to know everything about this pair of phones that should replace the Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro in the market.

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