The renewed Samsung Galaxy Fold still offering an absurdly delicate screen

by Kelvin
Samsung relaunches its Galaxy Fold  tomorrow in south korea

The first durability test of the renewal arrives Samsung Galaxy Fold, and unfortunately, this extremely expensive terminal will remain very delicate, to the point that it would even be advisable never to take it to any place where the wind can move a lot of dust, or even less, to the beach, since you have many ballots to enter the beach with a folding smartphone and leave with a nice paperweight, and that is the dust and small stones keep entering the hinges, even if the terminal is closed.

Galaxy Fold  740x416 0


While the 4.6-inch external display offered by the terminal has a hardness scale of 6 Mohs, like any other smarpthone, 7.3 inch folding screen Made of polymer is very delicate, as it offers a hardness scale of 2 Mohs, so the screen It can be damaged with our fingernails.

For the rest, the chassis is quite robust, and the finishes are of great quality, but the problems of the original version remain: a screen that can be damaged with extreme ease, and hinges that will generate an annoying noise, including damage to the device, when dust inside accumulates. Something incomprehensible for a terminal that exceeds 2,000 euros Price.

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