The report suggests some speculation about the next iPhone in 2020

by Kelvin
The report suggests some speculation about the next iPhone in 2020

Barclays has proven to provide very good and reliable news when it comes to Apple. The set of precedents really does corporate justice. According to the last article in MacRumorsBlayne Curtis traveled to China to meet with manufacturers involved in the iPhone production line.

According to the article, companies have shared their general experience reports with people in the supply chain. With this experience, they have drawn several conclusions about the technology to come Apple. The biggest and most important news is the fact that the next iPhone in 2020, the Pro version at least, will block up to 6 GB of RAM from the current 4 GB. Meanwhile, the basic iPhone will continue to show 4 GB of RAM.


Additionally, they also added that higher-level devices will support the expected 5G mmWave support on the device. As for the entry-level device, there is still no confirmation on whether it will support 5G, while speculation might suggest otherwise. They also claim that the Pro version will also have 3D Sensing Facing La Back. To learn more about this concept, read this MacRumors article from a few months ago.

Ultimately, their report concluded on the iPhone SE 2. Once again, the name is still uncertain, but analysts say device production will start somewhere around February. As speculation suggests, the device will be similar to the entry-level iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch screen, 3GB of RAM, and A13 chips. Blayne Curtis believes the device will hit the market at next year's March event.

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